Two weeks ago, I was in Queensland and I ate too much. But um, that’s not really a surprise. When we came back to Sydney, I randomly decided to detox for a few days. Now, I’ve never dieted before and I have no understanding of what kind of diet does what, but basically I figured eating clean (ie no carbs, no sugars) would make me feel better.

Well, I felt hungry.

But my stubbornness reigned supreme and because I said I’d do it until Friday night, well, I did it until Friday night. But you better believe I celebrated with a carb and sugar-filled dinner!

We had dinner at Italian Bowl, another one of my Newtown favourites where they have no website and a very simple menu up top. What makes Italian Bowl really special is that every single dish is cooked to order. They have about eight pans on the go, cooking each and every order (pasta and sauce) as they come in.

Fresh deliciousness.

Basically you pick a pasta, and then you pick  a sauce. And voilà! They also have other mains on the menu such as chicken parmigiana, which I’ve been meaning to try since forever but somehow when I get there, all I want is pasta in my belly.

penne arrabiata

linguine carbonara

The guys who run this place have been here for an eternity and they still get a queue almost every night and if that’s not a good sign, I don’t know what is.

Italian Bowl
255 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02) 9516 0857

The Italian Bowl on Urbanspoon

After dinner we jay walked across King Street to Gelatomassi, which to me, has the best gelato in THE WORLD. That’s right, big call but I’m up for the challenge. The guys (who have also been here forever) somehow make gelato flavours that taste 100% like the real thing… so like, the apple crumble flavour for example, tastes like a goddamn apple crumble.

We tried their peanut butter flavour for the first time on Friday night and holy shit. NEW FAVOURITE.

But here’s me with my good ol’ pistachio!

262 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02) 9516 0655

Gelatomassi on Urbanspoon

9 Thoughts on “Friday night Italian binge: Italian Bowl & Gelatomassi, Newtown

  1. And I was thinking it was matcha ice cream! :0)

  2. Hehe I’m working up to ice cream-can we have another few degrees please? 😛

  3. Before I start, what is UP with Apple, this damn iPad keeps changing Grubworm to “The eu worm”. What is THAT about. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. And I needed to buy me time to get over my shock. Fatty, on a DIET. Damn, the world has turned upside down, perhaps that’s what comes of going down under 😉

    This little duo, diet busting services to catty-kind aside, sum up why Oz generally – and Sydney/Melbourne in particular – is such a haven for goodies. Good food cooked to order (try getting that in Zizzi). No wonder it tastes so good. I would love to have an inexpensive, fast food Italian fresh pasta joint near me in London. We can do a half-decent pizza, so why not pasta? Mama Mia! I’m envious. And you don’t need to diet, you look great in that photo.

  4. “goodies”? Huh. Meant to say “foodies”. Damn autocorrect.

  5. WTF “Fatty”????!!! Gah! That should be “Catty”. AND the italics all went wrong. *Holds head in hands and gives up*

    • OOoooh yum! I love a good gelato! Here in London I go to Scoop…. my favourite!

    • OMG Aaron you crack me up! LOL… i hate autocorrect too.. it stuffs up all the time! I typed chai latte the other day and it turned it into chain letter. Yes, I do love a big hot chain letter 😉

  6. Lorraine: I know! It’s coming, I can feel it!

    Jenny: Ah yeah I used to love scoop too! Probably my fave in London! Odonno’s is also good, as is Lick, as is Gelupo 😉

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