As y’all know, last Saturday was a bit of an ups and downs kinda day. Determined not to let the downs KO the ups, we decided what better else to have for dinner than burgers? YEAH! BURGERS!!

And so we found ourselves at Moo Gourmet Burgers on King Street, Newtown.

I ordered a coke spider to wash down all the beef goodness. It was kinda like a coke spider soufflé. Check out the froth on that thing! LOVE.

Panu ordered the classic cheeseburer [top] and I splashed out a little (all of like, $16) and ordered the wagyu beef burger, which comes with caramelised  onions, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, Tasmanian brie &  home-made mayonnaise.

I have to say, the innards of the burger is DELICIOUS. The thick, juicy patties and oooooozy cheese are kind of what my dreams are made of. We didn’t order any sides, although the chippies people were having at the tables around us looked pretty darn awesome. I was saving my stomach for the enormous tub of salted peanut gelato waiting for me at home 😉

So. The verdict? I’m a little out on this one because the burgers were pretty awesome BUT… the buns! The buns were those crispy hard ones which – I don’t know if you guys out there like it – but they fricking cut up my mouth! I’m all for soft buns but anyhoos, thank goodness for the soothing effects of salted peanut gelato so I was still a happy little me 🙂

ps. I miss Shake Shack 🙁

Moo Gourmet Burgers
232 King Street,
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02) 9565 4001

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28-Dec-2011: Moo contacted me after this blog post and explained that their buns weren’t meant to be that hard. They invited me back to their Manly branch to try it again. So we went. And the buns were still hard 🙁 The burger innards were delicious though, I just wish they’d use a softer bun. Or is my mouth just weak?!

25 Thoughts on “Moo Gourmet Burgers: a little moo, a little wagyu, a little happy me

  1. I was just talking about burger buns to someone yesterday-yes hard buns are no good for burgers 🙁 But did you try their chips? They do the best chips! 😀

  2. I was going to ask if it was anywhere near as good as Shake Shack…they have lovely soft buns (that sounds a bit rude, but you know what I mean).

  3. Lorraine: dammit, I passed on the chips but they did look really good! Fat and crispy!!!

    Miss Piggy: Sigh, nothing is as good as Shake Shack. Except maybe Meatwagon but that’s also not in Sydney 🙁

  4. I buy buns from the baker who supplies the Meatwagon and make my own delicious burgers. Win.

  5. Mmmmmm…..Wagyu!

    PS: Thanks for the postcard 😉

  6. Don’t know what it is but these burgers look a bit, well, wrong. Notwithstanding the crusty bread, there’s a bit too much salad in the bun and the inclusion of Tasmanian brie is controversial to say the least.

  7. Mmmmmmm. Hard buns…bad. Soft, sesame seed-topped with also a middle bun….good. Plastic pink flamingoes….bad. Can you just imagine Martha Stewart stomping through someone’s yard and smashing their pink flamingo statues? Plastic pink pate…. But I can’t picture her enjoying a fat, juicy high-hat burger.

  8. We went to MooBurger on a drunken food run after Zanzi one night and werent too happy. I had the chorizo and it was reeeeally fatty. Will have to go back and give it another shot!

  9. Cate: Well that IS the way to go. Wanna come over and make me some burgers?

    Bruce: Hello there! I miss you xx

    Mr Noodles: Actually, the Tasmanian brie was quite delicious in the burger! Soft, oozy cheese 🙂 I love all the insides, it was just the hard bun which was a little damaging to my mouth 🙁

    Linda: Soft bun good. I don’t need sesame seeds, I like ’em plain!

    Nic: Ooooh I did look at the chorizo one, good to know it’s fatty . Just watch out for the hard bun when you go back!

  10. First of all, what is a spider shake? Does it contain arachnids, maybe they make it foam more as they thrash all six legs in a bid to stay afloat 😉 ?

    Now the burger does look good, but that bun… My mouth is aching in sympathy. Crunchy buns are a big no no with burgers for me. It’s my main objection to the burger-brioche combo. Gimme floury soft juice sucking ones any day of the week.

    That said, the burger does look tasty, quite well done, but that shouldn’t matter with something as juicy and succulent as wagyu.

    @Mr Noodles, I’m not too bothered by the Brie, I like a good bit of cheese in a burger, although, thanks to Catty, generally prefer gruyere. And anyway, they do funny things to burgers down under (on both sides of the Tasman). I remember going to places that add beet root or egg. And *whisper it* actually quite enjoyed it 😉

  11. Oops, sorry about the italics, messed up with the “I” tag… I blame e bumpy bus I’m sitting on.

  12. Crispy hard buns are a real pain! I have eaten those Vietnamese but where your palate may even be bruised! Not good at all!

  13. Man, I miss Shake Shack too! I made burgers for dinner last night, using Heston’s burger patties… which were really, really good! Brie in a burger is such a good idea, how have I not thought of it before? 😛

  14. Grubworm – I like cheap American cheese on my burger but don’t mind cheddar. But Brie is just a bit much for me. And mate, do NOT get me started on beetroot in burgers…

  15. I like this burger, especially as there is a lot of salad in it, I think it always gives a great taste.

  16. Not a huge fan of hard buns either 🙁 they make too much mess! hehe those are the only kind of spiders I allow in my house <3

  17. Grubworm: Hehe I like your italicised post, makes it special 😉 you dont know what a coke spider is???? It’s basically just coke with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A “coke float” is what the yankees would call it. If you haven’t tried one, TRY ONE! In fact, go to Byron and have a root beer float – SO FRICKING AWESOME.

    ChopinandMysaucepan: Oh I know! Some banh mis also have hard buns. Urgh, hate when my mouth feels all sore after a meal!

    Su-yin: Yes, brie is actually great in burgers. Add them to your mini burgers next time!

    Mr Noodles: LOL oh you and your McOz!!!!! That story cracks me up 😀

    Lemon: Yeah the insides were definitely delicious!

    Vivian: Haha ME TOOOOOO! 😀

  18. I like my burger buns soft too! Too crusty and too large means I can’t fit it in my little mouth and have trouble chewing all the scratchy bits =(

  19. Thanks for the great blog ! So disappointed to hear about your hard bun!! That’s not how we do them, they are baked fresh every day , and the plan is to just warm them through in the oven for a minute or so, the result is supposed to be a nice fresh warm SOFT bun ! Send me an email, I want to invite you back to try them the way they are supposed to be, after the chef is dealt with !

  20. Rita: I agree! Hate it when the roof of my mouth hurts after a meal!

    Moo: Thanks Adam, I’m glad to hear that hopefully that isn’t the case with all your buns. Soft buns are the way to go!

  21. Hi Catty – I was here on the weekend and had the Classic Cheeseburger…the bun was pretty soft. Not Shake Shack soft, but pretty soft. Great burger.

    • I seriously think I just have an extra soft mouth haha. I would still go back though, I love the insides of the Wagyu burger, but I just don’t like their buns!

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