Do you remember when I first had baked eggs? I definitely do. Moments like these… you don’t forget. Like the first time you meet that person, your eyes connect across the room and in that split second, a micro-cosmic explosion ignites fireworks that splay from one point of contact and diffuses into a million stars and sparkles that blinds out everything around you – the chatter, the noise, the smells – until it’s just you. You and that person. And you know, you just know, that from that moment onwards, it’s just meant to be.

Yeah. So for me, it was me and baked eggs. Sorry, Panu.

I don’t know what it is. I’m not normally a massive fan of eggs. I mean, I like them, but you know, my breakfast can absolutely be complete without one – or two – little globules of yolk perched above my toast. But when it comes to baked eggs? Woah, baby. I don’t think I’ve ever gone somewhere and not ordered baked eggs when it’s been on the menu.

So, Baffi & Mo. Located in Redfern, the slowly-but-surely-becoming-trendy suburb(which Panu’s sister tells me people are starting to call “East Surry Hills” LOL), Baffi & Mo had topped some TimeOut list or other and so we wanted to check it out for breakfast. The menu is great with lots of variety, lots of organic stuff but I didn’t really pay attention because baked eggs were on the menu. I told you it was like that.

We ordered. And got our drinks. And we waited.

fresh watermelon juice

organic cola – which I thought tasted weird.

And then we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Ok, I know that baked eggs take a certain amount of time to cook and all that but we waited like 40 minutes, maybe more, and at some point between hypoglycaemia and actually falling flat on the floor, our breakfast arrived.

buttermilk pancakes with orange & fig compote, fresh berries and vanilla ice cream

muesli served with fresh fruit, organic yoghurt & honey

baked eggs with soprasada, roast capsicum, mozzarella & grilled bread

After all that waiting, the food was actually pretty fricking delicious. The buttermilk pancakes were fluffy and I mean, ice cream with breakfast? Hells yeah! The muesli was crunchy and the baked eggs… mmmmm… firstly, it’s HUGE, secondly the soprasada (sausage) and roasted capsicums YUM and thirdly, it comes in a skillet. I actually burnt myself on the skillet (the hazards of love) but really, what’s not to love about anything served in a skillet?

By the way, do you see that mountain of toasted bread to mop up the sauce with? Ooof.

Baffi & Mo
94 Redfern Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016
(02) 8065 3294

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15 Thoughts on “my baked eggs love affair continues at Baffi & Mo, Redfern

  1. This cafe is kinda close to my work (if I walk REALLY fast)…I’d like to go for lunch one day and check it out. I’ve never had baked eggs…another thing to add to the “must try list”.

  2. I’m completely egg mad for breakfast -even for dinner which is when I usually have my breakfast. The food looks great! 🙂

  3. Those eggs look delicious and what a huge serving! I also love the look of those buttermilk pancakes. I must get myself to ‘East Surry Hills’ to give the place a try – but I hope I don’t age while I wait for the food to arrive.

  4. I’m definitely an eggs girl but mostly I go for poached…or if the husband goes for poached then I’ll have them baked, if there is that option. And all baked eggs should come with something spicy and/or salty like sausage in them.

  5. That is a really long wait. Lucky it turned out delicious otherwise the hanger would have set in and you could have gone postal on their ass!

  6. Miss Piggy: yes, add it to your must try list! Watch out for the super hot skillet though 😉

    Lorraine: Panu is too. He’d have eggs for every meal if he could!

    Hotly Spiced: “East Surry Hills” makes me laugh. Redfern is still Redfern whatever you call it, but it definitely is trendy-ing up!

    Rita: Yes! Definitely needs something like chorizo!

    Nic: I would have totally gone postal.. unless I was flat on my face on the ground.

  7. I do love my poached eggs but baked eggs do rock as well! Plus it’s much more filling.

  8. Catty this look deeeeeelish! I have never had baked eggs and no I feel like I am missing out!

  9. Adrian: Definitely much more of a meal!

    Worshipblues: Lady, get yo butt down to Lantana and get some baked eggs!!!

  10. That baked egg looks hella fine! Must’ve been well worth the wait :O

  11. God I miss that place. Ice cream for breakfast. I’m in.

  12. Vivian: yeah actually it was 😀

    Tori: You been here? Do you like it? I would go back, but I didn’t like the wait so much.. will have to see!

  13. baked eggs zomg!!! YUMMEH why does it not exist in Malaysia? i’ve only heard of the chinese version of steamed eggs, but BAKED ones looks thousand times tastier!!!!

  14. I’ve tried the baked eggs at Lantana in London and they are amazing! Would love a bigger serve so this looks even better!

  15. chiamay: Oh yeah it’s not really the same as steamed eggs. I LOOOOVE steamed eggs as well but this is more savoury and more solid.

    jenny: the Lantana baked eggs are a little slice of heaven aren’t they??

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