When I was back in Sydney working in 2009, my friend Ivan wanted to catch up so he could show off his new bundle of joy. He suggested Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown. If you didn’t know, Deus Ex Machina is not a restaurant. It’s a motorbike shop; albeit a hugely trendy one, creating customs bikes oozing with don’t-fuck-with-me style.

So when I arrived at a bike shop, I was all waaaaait a minute. I’m pretty sure that Ivan meant I’d get to meet his new human baby, not his new wheels. Don’t be tricking me out of a breakfast, now.

Lucky for Ivan (because really, Do Not mess with my eating schedule), I noticed that right next door to Deus Ex Machina was Deus Café, a spin-off of sorts because obviously motorbikes have everything to do with food.

Turns out, Deus Café is pretty awesome. Spacious and messhall-y, the dining room is decorated with honest to god real motorbikes. They also have vintage posters, random sculptures and are just so effortlessly cool. But what makes them even more cool is that they aren’t trying to be cool at all.

In fact, Deus is 100% baby friendly, which is totally not what you’d expect from somewhere with this much style. And yes, Ivan brought his human baby.

Anyway, back to the future and it’s 2011. We now live a minute’s walk from Deus Café, and while it seems we still spend most of our time where my heart lies (that is, Newtown) Deus is our “local” and honestly, I can’t ask for a better place to grab a  quick breakfast (all day), lunch, coffee – they even do dinner!

smoked trout & kipfler potato salad with poached egg & hollandaise sauce

tomato & buffalo mozzarella pizzeta

poached eggs on toast

granola, fruit & yoghurt

I haven’t had the pleasure of having dinner at Deus yet, but it’s way up there on my list. Just need to find a night when I’m actually not working *sigh*

Deus Café
98-104 Parramatta Road (corner Lyons Road)
Camperdown, NSW, 2050
(02) 9519 3669

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15 Thoughts on “welcome to our local: Deus Café, Camperdown

  1. I love this cafe too – tho I have to say I was a bit shocked by the enermous number of prams that place can hold! EEP!

  2. The shopping is pretty good too if you want to buy men’s clothes!

  3. I always go past in the car and I always make a mental note to check them out, this really gives me a reason to because that bright yellow hollandaise sauce is beckoning me!

  4. Look at those poached eggs! So perfectly globular. The rest looks great, and I love the whole bike vibe, but those eggs are just perfect. Were they all melty and runny inside? *Disappears into an eggy reverie*

  5. Miss Piggy: Haha I know, I was also totally surprised by how baby friendly it is 🙂

    Lorraine: I had a quick look in the shop but must look more next time.

    Vivian: Yes, the food is actually very good! 🙂

    Grubworm: They are totally cute and round, aren’t they?? And yes, completely melty and runny – see the top salad? That’s the yolk spillage… mmmmm….!

  6. those poached eggs have me drooling……

  7. Now that’s an egg! I’m looking forward to some Aussie brunches in 3.5 weeks time! x

  8. Kay: I know, right? Yummmmm…

    Greedy Diva: Enjoy your last European sojourn before heading back down under!

  9. Those eggs look perfect! Oh and that potato salad? This place is on the list now!

  10. That’s cool that they’ve combined a bike shop with a cafe! and that they are baby friendly! can’t think of a similar place in London at all…

  11. aw, check out them perfectly bell shaped eggs! LIKE!

  12. Nic: It should be on the list, definitely worth a try 🙂

    jenny: Yeah, me neither, but London is definitely improving on cafe culture!

    Adrian: lol, everyone loves the shape of these eggs 🙂

  13. I remember coming here for the first time, bringing friends along, and being totally surprised at the array of clientele it attracts. The interiors are spectacular, given that I don’t even like bikes!

  14. There is something so sexy about poached eggs. What I like to do is get the whole egg into my mouth and then gently burst the yolk. A little salt first. Okay, more than a little but not too much. And if there are two eggs to do this with,…oh YEAH!

  15. Rita: I know, it’s such a weird place. I didn’t expect it to be baby friendly at all, but it is!

    Linda: Hehehe, can you get both eggs in your mouth at the same time?

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