We don’t often go to Kobe Jones. It is what everybody says it is; it’s over priced, the service is meh and oh, but if you’re a “legs” guy, it’s probably worth your while to go, just to check out the girls they put up front to meet and greet guests. Wowza.

But once in a while, we do go to Kobe Jones for one reason and one reason only. (Although, after this visit, we now have two reasons to go, but that kinda ruins the flow of my story). The volcano roll. And for $39 for eight pieces of sushi, you’d better believe that it’s fucking mind blowing.

Last Friday, I had a craving for the volcano roll. A rather last minute craving and Kobe Jones is the kind of place that gets booked up well in advance so at the crazy early time of um… 6pm, Panu and I got a table and my volcano roll craving was to be quashed.

Volcano roll: oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll
with our special cream sauce and a sesame seed and shallot sprinkle

The volcano roll is not pretty. It really does look like someone’s had a big night out and perhaps they had an omelette for dinner, but honestly? Look past the spewy mess and put a roll in your mouth. If your toes don’t curl from absolute delight, you are not human.

That special cream sauce is something else all together. I think it contains a gallon of butter mixed with a whole lot of mayonnaise, but whatever it is, it’s seriously awesome. I fell in love with this ghastly mess probably six or seven years ago… and someone tweeted that they maybe weren’t what they used to be, but I think they are still mighty fine and worth the whole $39. Hells yeah.

We also ordered the Number One Special. And I didn’t think I could love anything more than the volcano roll.

Number one special: crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and baked with secret sauce

At $21 for two little balls (and $10 per ball thereafter), these guys are worth every penny. I actually can’t describe how amazing this tastes but it’s one of those things, you know? When you try and eat it ever so slowly to draw out the experience and when it ends… you eye out your partner’s portion. You know what I mean?

Here’s are it’s innards:

We also had agedashi tofu. It was pretty unremarkable and came coated in some batter that was so thick, we could barely cut through it with a spoon, let alone chopsticks. Thank goodness for teeth. I wouldn’t order this again and I certainly won’t tell you how much it cost.

Agedashi tofu: tempura silken tofu with tuna shaving

Desserts! The great thing about having dinner at 6pm is that by 9pm, you’re totally allowed to have dessert again. The desserts at Kobe Jones are good, but unlike the volcano roll and number one special, they aren’t life altering experiences.

Sushi me 2: vanilla cheesecake, fresh fruits topping, served with almond sauce
and our famous chocolate chopsticks

My matcha crème brulee did come out on fire though, which is pretty entertaining and there’s red bean hidden inside. Love those surprises 🙂

Anko: flambéed green tea crème brulee

Another big plus for Kobe Jones, and probably the sole reason for their humongously inflated prices, is their location on King Street Wharf. At 6pm, the sun was still shining into the restaurant, so the shades were drawn, but as soon it dipped behind The Star, they raise the shades for you to witness the natural wonder that is sunset over Darling Harbour.

Go. Go and try the volcano roll and number one special. And then you can be addicted like me.

Kobe Jones
29 Lime Street,
King Street Wharf
Sydney, NSW, 2000
(02) 9299 5290

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17 Thoughts on “life altering experiences: the volcano roll @ Kobe Jones, Sydney

  1. Mmmmmm volcano rolls is the shitz yo! But yes, the way you’ve described it is what I remember it to be; not the best looking thing but if you look pass it, you’re in for a real treat. Oh and the waitress, that’s another thing I remember…

  2. Chooken on November 22, 2011 at 1:08 pm said:

    Dude, you just missed this last week! we had a similar voucher last year that we dined out on at the Melbourne Kobe Jones, I say only similar because ours had the Volcano roll too 😛


  3. Wow, $39 for 8 pieces of sushi – OMG! And your description…too funny!

  4. Phuoc: LOL I guess once they found something that worked, there’s no point changing it! And I am talking about both the volcano rolls AND the legs!

    Chooken: mmmm volcano roll on the cheap!

    Miss Piggy: Yes, but $39 well worth it!

  5. Hehe I remember the first time we tried the volcano! I think it was $19-how I remember that I do not know lol.

  6. That innards shot is gold! I have been to Kobe Jones once and liked it. There’s just others I want to try before going back but that roll does sound pretty damn fine!

  7. Yep, I remember having the volcano roll and promising myself that I didn’t want to know what was in the sauce! Safer to have a food-induced heart attack rather than one caused by too much knowledge, right?

  8. I LOVE the number one special at Kobe Jones! It’s expensive but SO worth it. 😀 I think I was talking about it (whilst drooling) when I was at your place before you left…

    Haven’t had it in ages coz the service at the London branch is appalling.. but my god I miss it. We usually order two each coz one simply isn’t enough. 😛

    Their dessert platter is pretty good too, my favourite bit is their chocolate sticks! They’re like pocky’s on steriods, minus the biscuit. Lol.

  9. Lorraine: $19! What a steal! Should have ate loads of it back then to stock up… lol does it work like that??

    Nic: Definitely try every other Japanese in town, but honestly, the volcano roll and number one special, they are pretty unique!

    Rita: Haha I agree!

    Su-yin: I never went to the London branch, somehow it’s more appealing eating the volcano roll in the sunshine 🙂 that number one special. MAN, I want it again now!

  10. Oh that looks delicious, even if it’s messy! That’s expensive but I bet it’s worth it!

  11. Would so go back just to eat the number ones! I did remember the number one and volcano roll taste a bit similar!

  12. I love it when food comes out on fire – it’s so theatrical!

  13. jenny: It is definitely worth it (once in a while!)

    Julie: They do taste similar, you’re right – but they are both awesome 😀

    Hotly Spiced: I know!! I love it too. Simple things… 🙂

  14. Yeah I’m with Lorraine, it was probably around $19 when I used to go too! Good thing my tweet didn’t ruin it for you and you still enjoyed it very much so ^^”

  15. I’m bookmarking this for when I’m in Sydney next year! Bummer on the prices, but at $39 for a life-altering experience, I think I can put this in the books. therapy for post-meal induced lifelong melancholic cravings not included.

  16. That volcano roll does look like a huge pile of sick but often these are the tastiest. That agedashi tofu looks so very wrong though…!

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