panang curry with beef

Yes, just another blog post about another Thai restaurant in Newtown. Right? Right. Well, sort of. The only difference is that Thai Riffic in Newtown is much fancier (and you know, sometimes we do like to be a little fancy) than the other Thai restaurants in Newtown, and not really that much pricier.

We like that. A lot.

As anyone who’s been to Newtown knows, the whole of King Street is scattered with Thai restaurants. From the tiny little take-out vegetarian Thai joint to the totally over-hyped Thai Pothong, you just can’t get away from Thai in this suburb, but why would you anyway? Thai rocks. I mean, mango sticky rice mmmmmm…

When we have Thai, we normally hit up one of the more casual joints like Newtown Thai (the first, not the second and not the express) or actually, if I tell the truth, lazy us, we normally get take out from Doy Tao. But when friends are visiting from out of town, you kinda want something with a little more atmosphere, where you can take your time and enjoy a cocktail. Or two. Plus a Thai iced tea YUM.

Thai Riffic is perfect for that. It’s prettier than all the other Thai restaurants and their mommas, they have a kick ass cocktail list and none of this is executed at the detriment of food or service. The portions are enormous and the food is delicious. Interestingly they also serve roti which is not really a Thai thing but geniuses! What better way to mop up the curry than with a big fluffy roti?

green curry with chicken

sizzling seafood with shallots, enoki mushrooms and onion

salt & pepper squid served with crispy noodles and sweet chilli sauce

barramundi fillets steamed with fresh ginger, shallots,chilli and black fungus topped with ginger sauce

chicken pad thai

And here’s what I mean by prettier. You see that cocoon looking thing on the left? That’s a cosy little seat and after a big meal, I just want to crawl into that thing and go to sleep.

Thai Riffic
109 King Street,
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02)  9517 3066

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13 Thoughts on “Thai Riffic: not just another Thai in Newtown

  1. There are just so many Thai restaurants in Sydney! I’m not a huge fan of Thai food, but that barramundi dish looks really fresh and tasty!

  2. Ooh wow, it does look fancy – just look at that chandelier!

    Truth be told, the husband and I usually ventrue to Doy Tao and we don’t even live in the area! He swears it’s his favourite of the Doy Taos.

  3. This place is SO near my work yet I’ve never been…silly me! Like the look of the dish with the enoki – yum. I’ve seen Roti at a few Thai restaurants…bit left of centre, but I like it.

  4. Maria: Aww you don’t like Thai? WHY??? And yes that barramundi dish was great!!

    Rita: Doy Tao is awesome hey? Love the food. We either go to the Newtown one or the little one on Ross St 🙂

    Miss Piggy: It’s great for an afterwork drink and dinner maybe? You should check it out one day 🙂 And yes, order the roti!

  5. I’m so jealous that you live near Sydney’s Thai-town (or Little Thailand or whatever peeps call it). I only wish London had a strip of Thai restaurants to compare to King St.

    It’s funny but when I first saw this post, I thought of Thai Pothong, as I remember having a cracking meal there albeit 8, nearly 9 years ago! But, it would seem, you’re not a fan!

  6. MMMMMmm, so pretty, Catty! Even though I might not think about eating certain squid foods, those fried puppies look GOOD. Everything here, the way you photographed it makes that food so nice to look at, I just want to eat it, I don’t care what it is!! So there. :0)

  7. I felt the need to boycott Thai for a long time tere. Mainly because it popped up everywhere and was shoved down our throats. Im back in now but cant eat it all the time

  8. Mr Noodles: Well, I think Thai Pothong used to be good – they won awards blah blah, but I think they’re just riding on reputation now and that it’s a little over-rated hehe. sorry!

    Linda: I know, the squid actually looks like fried chicken, don’t you think? So yummy 🙂

    Nic: I do love me some good Thai, haven’t gotten sick of it yet so I’m going strong!

  9. I think the food and the setting and the atmosphere and the styling of this restaurant makes it a stand-out for local Thai. Love the light fitting.

  10. First up, Mr Noodles – I would give my eye teeth for any of Sydney’s Thai joints in London – our’s (with maybe one or two honourable exceptions) simply don’t measure up.

    I wonder if the guys here are from Southern Thailand? I only say that because when we travelled down that end (waaaaay back when) there were rotis on most street corners. Maybe something to do with being so close to Malaysia?

    The food does look very good indeed. So much so that I am going to go and sulk for a while, brooding over the lack of places like this in our neck of the woods.

  11. Hotly Spiced: Me too! If I had a space big enough in my little apartment I would totally want that light fitting!

    Grubworm: AH that’s a great point, perhaps they are because I’ve never seen roti on a Thai menu before but damn they make it good. TOO good. We ordered seconds of the rotis 🙂 Awww don’t sulk, channel all that sulking energy into saving moolah and come visit me!!

  12. .sabo skirt. on November 12, 2011 at 4:17 pm said:

    These looks delicious! Mouth-watering indeed. The plating added a nice touch to the food.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  13. mmmm the salt and pepper squid looks so yummy!!!

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