I’ve really been getting into baked beans lately. Yeah, yeah I know, the magical beans that make you toot *wah ha ha ha* but guys, they taste good! When we were little, my mum made us baked beans and scrambled eggs on toast pretty regularly. When I say “made” I mean “opened a can of Heinz baked beans” but that’s not really a problem because I am the fan club president of Heinz Ketchup and Big Red Tomato Soup omgyum.

[you see? I’m really not a food snob. not one bit]

Anyway, I hadn’t had baked beans in a while. Like, years. And had forgotten how simple and delicious they can be, smothering a butter-drenched piece of toast. I still haven’t made my own yet, and honestly? Don’t hold your breath because I don’t think I’m ever gonna, not while Mr Heinz is still producing a six-can value pack of his wonderful baked beans 🙂

But I’ll quite happily eat them out. Like here, at The Fine Food Store down at The Rocks where they made this awesome spicy baked beans on organic sour dough, with a few green leaves for good measure.

Panu had the macadamia nut muesli, which actually had a butt load of macadamia nuts in it. Win!

And I sipped on a chai latte.

The Fine Food Store is actually kind of groovy. Located on the ground floor of The Rock Centre (next to that place that makes the rock lollies), they’re more than a café. They also sell a pretty decent range of organic pantry staples (you can also buy online), really cool home wares and yummy food! I totally vouch for the baked beans 😉

The Fine Food Store
Shop 9, The Rocks Centre (Kendall Lane side)
The Rocks, NSW, 2000
(02)  9252 1196

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7 Thoughts on “spicy baked beans at The Fine Food Store, The Rocks

  1. LOL I look forward to when “a butt load” becomes a measure of things! you crack me up! 😛

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. I LOVE it when they dont scrimp on the nuts. Nothing annoys me more than ordering a pistachio or a macadamia something and getting like two of them

  4. Lorraine: hahaha yeah a sprinkle and a pinch and a BUTT LOAD 😉

    Katarina: It all was!

    Nic: I KNOW what you mean!! It’s so frustrating, even is something “tastes” like nuts I want some actual nuts in it!

  5. Haha, for many years I only ever knew baked beans which came from a can, much the same as I only knew cheese that came pre-wrapped in plastic slices! Damn you, Chinese parents!

  6. The Fine Food Store on November 23, 2011 at 7:50 am said:

    dearest miss cattylife & panu,

    the fine fine food store team writes to say u’v made us so hp 2day!! your pics are fab & thank-u for your descriptor of our beautiful toot-worthy home-made beans.

    since you popped in we’ve gone ‘grand bazaaar’ for xmas, so we invite you to come back to sit back-n-chillax with us v.soon.

    ♥ the ffs team x

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