Another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye and here I find myself sitting on a beach. Not a bad way to end the year, really, and certainly not the way we’ve spent the last four new years. What a year 2011 has been, and I hope that your year has been as full of significant moments as mine.

While there’s been numerous high and low lights to my 2011, I find that there are usually only a few moments which impact your life in a major way, be it in the way they help shape you as a person, or the path your life will follow. For me, there were four.

My year started off well, with a new role at work which equally stresses me out / challenges me / drives me to want to achieve more. I appreciate the company I work for, the opportunities they’ve given me and well, they provide the mulah that feeds me, so what else can I say? In this still uncertain economy, gratitude almost feels not enough, but hey. Let’s not get soppy now.

Not long into 2011, I also fell incredibly sick. Inflamed appendicitis spawned some nasty infection and I ended up in surgery, undergoing a right hemi-colectomy. What the heck is that? Basically, I had 38cms of my large intestines removed, which is about half of what I have. I spent five weeks recuperating at home in Brisbane. Though the recovery was one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever had to endure, it was a blessing in disguise as it provided me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my parents. Well, forced quality time, because I couldn’t physically leave the house, but I hadn’t spent that much time with my mum and dad in almost 14 years and we learned once again to appreciate each other.

Of course, after I left, we had a fight over the phone. So nothing really changed but, you know 😉

In April this year, my niece, Jasmine, was born. There isn’t much I can say about this except that I can’t believe how much I love this kid. When she smiles, everything – and literally mean everything – is better. I think I’ll explode with love with I actually have my own child because I can’t imagine it being more than this.

And last but certainly not least, home is where the heart is. We moved back to Sydney this year, and though this didn’t feel like a massively life altering moment (because we were just coming home), I do think it signifies the beginning of the rest of my life. Like, you know, you’ve done the London thing now so now just get on with it. At the age of 32, I think it’s now time to grow up. Settle down. That stuff.

Plus moving back to Sydney means new years on the beach. And a tan! Ah, how I’ve missed you!

Well, that’s it from me for 2011. Thank you for visiting – I adore my readers – and hope you all celebrate in whatever way you love and I’ll see you on the other side xx

9 Thoughts on “and that was 2011…

  1. Sounds like a huge 2011 for you. Glad you’ve recovered from your illness and can still eat loads of yummy food. Enjoy the beaches in 2012 – make sure you wear some sunscreen Miss Catty.

  2. 2011 sounded crazy for you but here’s to more beach and delicious eats for 2012!

  3. happy new year 2012! another momentous year for you ahead i think:)

  4. You’ve had such an eventful year! I’m glad you’re feeling much better now because that surgery sure sounds intense!

    I’m glad you’re back in Sydney hehe cuz that means you’re closer to us and it’ll be easier for us to meet up!

    Hope you have a bigger and better year in 2012 with Panu!

    Thanks again for all the support 🙂 You’re the best!

  5. Miss Piggy: yes THANK GOODNESS i can still eat lots! Hehe 😀 and yes mum, I’m sunscreening 😉

    chocolatesuze: Well, not as crazy as it was for you and Noods, I think! But thank you and yes, here’s to fried chicken!

    mc: happy new year to you guys!!

    Daisy: thanks – glad you started your blog this year, it will get bigger and better! x

  6. Happy new year Catticakes! I think new year in front of fire with mulled wine is just as nice but that is prob why I’m still in the UK and you’re back in Oz. Your niece is truly adorable. x

  7. Linda: happy new year to you too!! thanks for all the support!

    Linh: hey Linhy! Haha true, depends what you love 🙂 Happy new year to you and Tom x

  8. A bit belated, but i have been off the webz for a while, but happy new year! I hope this one brings as much fun and adventure as the last. While of course we all miss you here up in the Northern Hemisphere, it is wonderful for you to be able to get home. And believe me when i say I understand about having done London.

    We are also heading beachwards, but moving a mere 60 (as opposed to 6000) miles south… Have a great 2012 and do look us up if you find ourselves back on these cold shores again 🙂

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