There’s something about giving second chances. What that thing is I don’t really know yet because… me, I’m not a great one at giving second chances. In fact, it’s one of my resolutions – and um, has been for years – to work on forgiving and forgetting. As much as I generally love everyone, if somebody hurts me or hurts someone I care about, I can hold a grudge for all of eternity. And beyond.

But I’m slowly learning to give second chances. And maybe it’s easier to learn to give second chances to things that aren’t human; things are that more predictable, stable, constant. Like restaurants.

Like Blackbird Café in Darling Harbour, for example.

Blackbird Café is on the Cockle Bay Wharf side of Darling Harbour, smack bang in the middle of tourist country. My general rule of thumb is that everything in the Darling Harbour area is shit and touristy and overpriced. Well, except for Hurricane’s ribs, which are touristy and overpriced but definitely not shit.

Sure I’d been to Blackbird before…  I don’t remember it being fantastic. I thought it was ok, they had a big menu, lots of space and the boat-porn view was pretty good. It’s not normally a place I would suggest, but over the last couple of weeks, we’ve lunched with various friends and family from overseas and interstate and strangely enough, we’ve ended up at Blackbird. Not once, but twice. And the food was really good.

scallop risotto with onions, peas and shaved baby fennel

grilled marinated lamb salad with roasted pumpkin, beetroot, cous cous,
baby spinach, walnuts with a mint and coriander dressing

spicy garlic prawn linguine with snowpeas, tomatoes and spinach

sweet potato and leek ravioli with sundried tomatoes and goat’s cheese

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was, the lamb salad in particular which has been ordered three times now and has been consistently awesome. And the portion sizes are also decent, which makes the tourist price almost bearable 😉

One thing I didn’t check out was Blackbird’s desserts. It’s one of those tough decisions where I could order something and it could possibly maybe be good, or it could also be horrible. And why take the risk when Lindt Café is just downstairs and I know for a fact their waffle (served with vanilla and white chocolate ice cream, and a little jug of hot chocolate fudge OMGKILLMENOW) is amazeballs?

So second chances huh? I’m glad I gave Blackbird a second chance. Now I just have to work on that for humans.

Blackbird Café
Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour
Sydney, 2000
(02) 9283 7385

Blackbird Cafe on Urbanspoon

Lindt Chocolat Café
104-105 Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour
Sydney, 2000
(02)  9267 8064

Lindt Chocolat Cafe on Urbanspoon

15 Thoughts on “second chances: Blackbird Café, Darling Harbour

  1. were they playing insanely loud doof doof music?

    if not i might give this place another go.

  2. Always good when a place is better than you remember – I am doing a lot of revisiting places in Melbourne as well.

  3. Ahhh yes Blackbird Cafe, I didn’t mind it so much but I know what you mean about the whole Darling Harbour area. Grrrr at overpriced tourist BS! Heh! And I know what you mean by holding grudges, I’m a massive offender. Here’s to a more “peaceful” 2012 for the two of us!

  4. Gourmet Chick: oh you’ll have so much fun! We are having a great time rediscovering Sydney 🙂

    Phuoc: Yes, let’s aim for a peaceful 2012 with less grudges hehe. and more good food!

  5. The food sure looks good!!! 🙂 I’m trying to give second chances too!!! I don’t hate a lot of things or a lot of people but like you once you cross my line that’s it hehe

    It’s nice though when you give a second chance to restaurants and they turn out amazing 🙂

  6. You know I’ve never been to Blackbird (I think I was of the same thinking re Darling Harbour 😛 ). But good to know that this is an option if I ever find myself here!

  7. I haven’t been here for years as it kinda got…well, sh!te. Maybe I should think about a second chance too. And hello! I had no idea the Lindt cafe was downstairs…

  8. i choose waffles over humans. unless the human is giving you the waffles.

  9. Have you tried the tiramisu from Baia cafe in Darling Harbour by any chance? It’s apparently really good.I haven’t been back to Blackbird in years but maybe I should be giving it a second chance too..=)

  10. That risotto looks delish!! They do pretty good cocktails there too which doesnt hurt 😉 they use to do happy hour but not sure if they still do as it was a while ago

  11. Ohhh these look delicious! Glad you gave them a second chance!

  12. Daisy: I know… problem is usually if I go to a place and dont like it, I wont ever go back!

    Lorraine: Exactly what I thought – I wouldn’t go there just to eat like with Panu, but if we have guests, it’s a nice touristy area and the food ain’t bad!

    Miss Piggy: YES go to Lindt Cafe!!

    chocolatesuze: haha well, yes we have to be nice to the humans who serve us our waffles now…

    Kay: I haven’t! Thanks for the tip I might have to check it out!

    Nic: I saw the enormo cocktail list! Might have to do sunset drinks there one day 🙂

    jenny: Yeah, I usually dont but hey, it turned out ok!

  13. It’s probably one of those places which changes management every so often and retains its name given it’s prized location. I ate here years and years ago and found it to be okay, only to return a few years later for someone’s birthday where we felt the food a bit ordinary and were shocked to find out how much they charged for cakeage. Haven’t been back since but, then again, not often around the city these days anyway.

  14. i like the look of that scallop risotto. trying to work out what to try today for lunch at blackbird

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