chai latte at Luxe Bakery

In case you didn’t notice, I am in love with instagram. Follow me @cattylicious and um, check out all the other yummies that I don’t blog about! And hope you don’t get sick of my constant instagramming!

fresh lychees

iced chai freezo from Hoochie Mama, Newtown

tofu salad at WellCo Cafe, Glebe

assam laksa at Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Restaurant

new shoes!

miso tonkotsu ramen at Ippudo, Hong Kong

pork and pistachio pie at Blackwattle Cafe, Glebe

paw paw. love summer fruits!

and just a little bit of fun at my cousin’s wedding in Hong Kong 😉

8 Thoughts on “cattylicious on instagram

  1. Hahahah you’re so funny Cat 🙂 I love your instagram photos they’re so amusing! ~

  2. I’m in love with Instagram too. I think we’re following one another. I too post many a thing, to the point that some of my actual friends have un followed me. NO MERCY ENDLESS PHOTOS YEAH

  3. ahhh these are so cool! I need to get an iphone so that i can instagram too!

  4. Daisy: Haha thank you 🙂

    Lucas: yes we do follow each other! And agree NO MERCY!!!

  5. Haha, but such a convenient way of capturing life’s little moments! And it’s the seemingly insignificant everyday moments which make up a richer life =)

  6. Love the pictures and the new look of your blog! I haven’t checked my inbox for 1 1/2 weeks (art production) so, I’m not sure when you made these changes. Looking good! :0)

  7. Rita: I have to say, I love my instagram more than Twitter right now. I think it’s just cos I’m nosey and want to SEE everything haha.

    Linda: Hello! Happy new year!!!!

  8. Loooove Instagram! So much fun and all of the filters can make even the worst photo I take look fab haha. Instant perfect photography

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