I hang my head in shame. After blogging about tourist-trap Darling Harbour earlier this week, I now have to admit that I also ate at Hard Rock Café over the Christmas break. Not just a restaurant in a touristy location but the fricking big kahuna of all touristy venues. I am ashamed.

But I did have the nachos. With pulled pork. And jalapeños. And it was delicious.

Going on a secret surprise trip this weekend, so see y’all on the other side! x

7 Thoughts on “bite sized: pulled pork nachos at Hard Rock Café

  1. “the fricking big kahuna of all touristy venues” < — LOL. The Hard Rocks I've been to in the past served decent food. Nachos look good!

  2. Ha ha ha…those nachos look worth the shame if you ask me!

  3. Hahaha it’s okay to be a tourist sometimes in your own city 🙂 I do that in Melbourne hahaha go to all the touristy places for no reason ~

    Have a wonderful trip! Btw it’s pretty chilly so bring a thick jacket!

  4. Lol you are too funny! Are you going on a tourist eating spree Catty? X

  5. Oh I don’t mean eating tourists!

  6. LOL – The shaaaaame!!! At least the nachos were good 😉
    Ooooh secret surprise! Have fun 😀

  7. Ramen Raff: Actually yeah the food in general was pretty good, but just tourist priced!!

    Miss Piggy: Definitely worth the shame 😉 I’d go back for more!

    Daisy: I know, we’ve actually been tourists in Sydney a lot lately with all our visitors, but I actually don’t mind it. It’s fun!

    Lorraine: Wahahahahaaa. I will try not to eat tourists!

    Nic: They sure were good.

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