It’s kind of funny when people think all I eat is burgers and ice cream. That’s only like… 80% true. Because believe it or not, I can also eat healthy. Sometimes. I thought it was particularly funny when Maria and I were organising to catch up and she suggested checking out a cafe in Avalon, a “healthy” cafe, and suffixed her email with – don’t worry, they also make burgers.

Is that what I’ve become?

So because “they make burgers” (an obviously crucial requirement) we ended up at Healthy Chef Café last Saturday, all the way in Avalon, in the blistering storm and utterly un-beach-like weather.

Now, before you really get the wrong idea of me, I have to clarify that I don’t dislike unhealthy food. In fact, I don’t discriminate whatsoever. I discriminate on what tastes good and what tastes like crap, so if something healthy tastes good, I like it! If something unhealthy tastes bad (like, I totally had a bad tasting burger the other day – urgh) I don’t like it.


(Yes, I said bad tasting burger. They exist.)

Turns out, Healthy Chef Café makes good tasting healthy food. They use 100 % clean ingredients that have no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives, and everyone’s dietary requirements are met, with a menu full of meals which are gluten free, wheat free, low carb, high protein, sugar free, vegan and raw.

If you already read Maria’s blog, you’ll know that she’s quit sugar and dairy and currently enjoying a vegan diet. Granted, I’d never be able to do that in a million years, but Maria is about as healthy (and tall and blonde and tanned and gorgeous) as they come so she’s doing something right.

She ordered the quinoa and tabouleh salad (sans pomegranate dressing) –

And believe it or not, it wasn’t I who ordered the burger. Maria’s fiancée, Michael, had the cajun chicken burger with caramelised onion, organic egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese and tomato relish –

And Panu had the organic egg white omelette with mushrooms, tomato, a little cheddar and bacon. It was epically huge and fluffy, but apparently not completely filling.

I managed to find a healthy brunch that sounds rather unhealthy – nachos! – specifically bean and sweet-corn nachos with organic veggie corn chips [top].

They also serve awesome drinks, with a huge smoothie selection, and have available healthy alternatives like rice milk. And big fresh coconuts 😀

Granted it’s a long long drive from Sydney (just under an hour with good traffic conditions), Avalon seems like a stunning location and I’d definitely go to Healthy Chef Café again. But rumour has it they’re opening a branch in Surry Hills! Woohoo!

Healthy Chef Café
17 Avalon Parade
Avalon Beach, NSW, 2017
(02) 9973 3233

Healthy Chef on Urbanspoon

9 Thoughts on “eating healthy at Healthy Chef Café, Avalon

  1. Thank you for joining us Catty, it was so nice to see you again! I’m so glad you enjoyed the cafe, it is one of my favourite places. Big hugs xx

  2. I love that at a healthy food cafe you ordered the nachos. Go Catty!

  3. Maria: You too my lovely, can’t wait for our walk.. and Roxette!! 😀

    Gourmet Chick: I couldn’t let myself down now, could I?

  4. This is the same as people thinking I eat out every single night and can’t even cook an egg to save myself…I can totally fry an egg, I just can flip ’em over too good. The food as this cafe looks great & snaps to you for passing on the burger. LOLs

  5. Yeah, people who don’t know me get the impression I eat out ALL THE TIME. I cook too – it just rarely makes it to the blog as I consider it boring, Cantonese cooking =p

  6. This is definitely my type of cafe right now cause I’m trying to drop the Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Birthday weight hahaa 🙂

    I love it when places can make healthy food so tasty!

  7. Rita: Me too! But I eat in 5-6 nights a week. And I also don’t blog cooking much cos it’s all repeated stuff and very boring!

    Daisy: Haha yeah! It’s great when healthy food tastes good, too bad so much unhealthy food also tastes good 🙁

  8. Love Avalon! It is a trek but good for something different

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