Last weekend, Panu and I headed up to Brisvegas just for the weekend, to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday. That was the only reason we went, although if you look at the amount of stuff we ate, you might be forgiven for thinking we’d embarked on some sort of Panu & Cat vs Food adventure.

I guess that is the beauty of going home, right? Whether it’s overseas or interstate, you have got to come back with an obligatory extra couple of kilos otherwise you just did not have a good enough time.

So, here’s what Brisbane looks like on a whirl-wind eating trip.

Touch down Friday afternoon and we’re immediately whisked off for a seaside lunch at Doug’s Seafood Café. I’ve told y’all about Morgan’s Seafood before, and Doug’s is equally delicious, albeit a much tinier operation.

Where Doug’s has the one-up is that they are located right on the beach in Sandgate, which is pure heaven on a warm, breezy day like Friday. We ordered some crumbed barramundi fillets (huge portions, don’t say I didn’t warn you), calamari rings and chips, and well, let’s just say this meal was a good start to the weekend.

Doug’s Seafood Café
60 Flinders Parade
Sandgate, QLD, 4017
(07) 3269 4713

Doug's Seafood Cafe on Urbanspoon

Friday night we had dinner at home, which honestly is better than dinner out any time. My dad caught some mud crabs the week before and saved them just for me, with his signature chilli crabs.

This is my all time favourite meal at home, next to mum’s curry fish. I ate so much I couldn’t physically sit up straight, but it wasn’t comfortable leaning over either… you know what I mean? I’m sure you do 😉

Anyway, after eating like a glutton and totally not being able to stand up or sit down or lie down, we went out for dessert. As you do.  Freestyle Tout was the destination, and I also caught up with my bestie from primary school who you’ve all met here. Freestyle are super famous for their desserts and scarily, I hadn’t been before. But now I have! And going on a 110% full stomach, no sharing of desserts? That’s dedication for you.

traditional bread & butter pudding

blueberry cheesecake

berry pavlova

Freestyle Tout
Emporium, 1000 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
(07) 3252 0214

Freestyle Tout on Urbanspoon

Saturday morning we woke up. That’s all, and I think that is a huge achievement in itself. Mid-morning, we went for a walk at the West End markets – blogged here – followed by lunch at Trang – blogged here – because we were hungry! Obviously!

And for dinner, the four of us headed over to Brisbane’s real Chinatown for a seafood binge. Lobster noodles, steamed oysters and a prawn and scallop stir fry. Oh, and the best gailan in garlic I’ve ever had!

So fricking full after this, we went home and passed the fugg out.

Suncrop Chinese Restaurant
Sunnybank Plaza, McCullough St
Sunnybank, QLD, 4109
(07) 3344 3283

Suncrop Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sunday morning, and we sure saved the best for last. Don’t you love stumbling upon a new place and it turns out to be AH-MAY-ZING? La Via was totally that. Heading out for a pasta fix, we walked past this “traditional Italian” restaurant at South Bank and gave it a shot. Holy crap, it was so good that I’m definitely going back, and my parents are bringing their friends back!

The pizza at the top of this post is from La Via, a wagyu bresaola pizza with roast garlic, truffle oil and parmesan. It was, honestly, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had – thin crispy crust, light on toppings but packing a huge flavour punch. We also had two pastas:

suckling pig ragu, pappardelle verde, granny smith parmesan

slow cooked lamb shoulder lasagne, béchamel, gremolata

Both of them blew my mind – the simple yet rich flavours, quality ingredients and perfectly cooked pasta. If you’re in Brisbane and haven’t been, I highly highly recommend this place.

La Via
Shop 6e, Little Stanley Street
South Brisbane, QLD, 4101
(07) 3844 3460

La Via on Urbanspoon

So that was the weekend! We left at 4pm on Sunday, ate plane food for dinner and arrived home to some crazy thunder storm in Sydney.

Oh, and the most important thing all weekend? My mum! What two things must every 60 year old have? Why, an iPhone and an ice cream maker of course!

12 Thoughts on “eating it up in Brisbane (and happy 60th birthday mum!)

  1. Happy birthday Catty’s Mum! A trip to brisvegas is always fun and that suckling pig ragu looks amazing.

  2. Happy birthday, Mother Catty! Has she gone crazy with the iPhone yet?

  3. That pizza looks good! and your mum is so CUTE!

  4. Gourmet Chick: yes it was soooo tender. I could eat it all again right now.

    Rita: She has! Loving Words with Friends and WhatsApp lol 🙂

    jenny: Haha thanks! Yes that pizza was divine. One of the best I’ve ever had.

  5. Oh my, take me along with you next time ok? Pretty please? 😀

  6. Naw looks like you had a fab weekend! Oh and I totally get you about the can be straight and cant bend thing – I get that alot haha

  7. A total food adventure. I have to say, your dad’s chilli mud crab look tremendous. Does he cater to paying guests?!!

  8. Happy birthday to your mum!! Your dad’s chili mud crab looks awesome! What a cool getaway to visit the family.

  9. Lorraine: Sure thang!

    Nic: LOL so you know how uncomfortable I was hahah!

    The Food Sage: He might do! In fact he probably takes non-paying guests since he is such a feeder!!

    Sara: Yes, I love my quick weekend visits. Not long enough to get irritated but enough to get full!

  10. Happy birthday to your Mum Cat 🙂 Hahhaha I love the photos of your mum! She’s so adorable hehe ~ oooo you got your mum an ice-cream machine too ~ thats so sweet!

    Sighh i’m so jealous of all the food you had! Your dad is such a good cook!!! Neither of my parents cook sighhh >_< hope you go back to Brisvagas more often hehe love that name 😛

  11. Suckling pig ragu?! My goodness that sounds (and looks) amazing.
    Those mud crabs also look awesome, how cool that your dad actually caught them himself!

  12. Harrry on March 22, 2012 at 6:47 pm said:

    I hope you tried the Chocolate pizza for Desert at lavia. Its the only thing better thank the dinner pizza’s!

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