Have you ever seen a square patty? Is it to maximise logistics efficiency, like how they make square watermelons? Well, I for one hadn’t ever seen a square patty, not until I had a burger at Jazz City Diner last Friday night.

And honestly, I don’t care if they make their patties in an eight petalled flower mould, because those patties were effring delicious 😀

The first thing I love about Jazz City Diner is that it’s hidden away from the hustle bustle end of Crown street, tucked into a hole in the wall so tiny you’d miss it if not for their little neon sign. The second is the big black guy who I assume runs the show and the fact that he looks like he could churn out a mean New Orleans gumbo (yes it’s on the menu). Third is that they serve their food in baskets. I LOVE places that serve in baskets!

(because I’m classy!)

Anyway, they have a fairly extensive burger menu, but Panu and I had the cheeseburger because that’s our benchmark on this mission we’re on to find the best burger in town. Jazz City Diner serves theirs with sweet potato chips…

… or for $3 more you can have onion rings. I’d stick with the chips.

The burgers were fabulous. Not pretty, but damn tasty – a juicy not-too-thick patty, the perfect amount of salad to complement, not overwhelm the burger, and the ketchup, mayo, pickle relish combo to round it all up. Oh, and a nice soft bun which I love.

For dessert we shared a slice of pecan pie which came with butter pecan ice cream. I know, right? Oozy gooey YUM.

Oh and there’s a fourth thing I love about Jazz City Diner! They serve A&W root beer floats! At a magnanimous $8, I have to add, but my obsession with A&W root beer floats knows no monetary boundary.

Overall, total awesome delicious dinner. Next burger should be at The Local Taphouse this Friday night.

Jazz City Diner
238 Crown Street
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
(02) 9332 2903

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13 Thoughts on “Jazz City Diner: the burgers aren’t pretty but they taste good!

  1. Oh, I remember how good those burgers were! When you get used to the restaurant, thick and juicy patties, you don’t expect too much from the likes of Jazz City’s one – but wow, what a surprise! 🙂

  2. The burgers are great there but next time you’ve got to try the chicken and waffles! 😀

  3. It looks pretty good to me – I reckon the soft bun would make it almost shake shack worthy. And, I’m with you on Root Beer Floats – love ’em.

  4. The US chain Wendy’s came up with a square burger years ago. There used to be a branch on Oxford St when I first moved down to London in 199X. Not quite sure what happened to it, but in the days before posh burgers, Wendy’s was a name to drop.


  5. Tina: yes I know what you mean! The place is small, the burger looks messy but DAMN it’s good!

    Lorraine: I miiiiight but I’ve had the pleasure of having the mother of all chicken and waffles in Vegas and I dont know if it will be the same! Check this out: http://www.thecattylife.com/2011/02/hash-house-vegas/

    Miss Piggy: It’s not as good as Shake Shack, THAT I know. But it’s not bad too 🙂 Yay for A&W root beer float!

    Mr Noodles: AH well there you go! Square patties!

  6. LOL I cracked up about the baskets. I love baskets too *slightly embarassed* haha

  7. The onion rings look really good, can they be ordered as a side? The sweet potato chips look good too.

    • I don’t think you can order these just as sides, but they come with the burger for $3 extra.. but you gotta sacrifice the sweet tato fries! Or do what we did and have one of each 🙂

  8. I’ve never seen a square patty either 🙂 but it’s kinda unique hehe the sweet potato chips look so crunchy ~ and the pecan pie looks amazing with the caramel sauce and ice-cream 🙂 Now you’re making me crave hamburgers again 😛

  9. I don’t care much about how burgers look usually, as long as they taste good! But I must agree I’ve never come across a square patty either, not even when on a square/rectangular bun.

  10. Lucas @ coverversions.tv on February 15, 2012 at 7:49 am said:

    I was going to say Wendy’s, but someone beat me to it.

    And the real star of this post is square watermelons. Wtf?!

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