There has been a lot of talk about the Rockpool Bar’s wagyu burger. Ever since Panu and I started our search for Sydney’s best burger, we’ve had numerous recommendations for many a burger joint, but none as much as this burger. We’d actually tried to order this burger last November when dining in the restaurant area, but alas, we weren’t allowed, so now three months later, we’ve finally done it.

And what did I think?

Well. Three things.

Firstly, the burger is as good as they say...

The burger is good. It’s more than good. Cooked medium rare, the Gruyère cheese oozes all over the wagyu patty which does a fabulous job of melting in your mouth. I hardly noticed the bacon (this is a good thing as it doesn’t take away from the burger at all), and the caramelised onions and pickled zucchini made perfect innards, though I did think the zucchini an odd choice at first.

The buns were lightly toasted but still soft. The relish was tasty, and absolutely not overpowering.

All in all, a wonderful, tasty, juicy, awesome burger.

… but secondly, it’s ridiculously expensive…

It costs a bomb. At $24 for the burger alone (it comes with two slices of tomatoes and lettuce on the side), adding fries ($12) and a drink would make this meal $40-$50 per person. That’s kind of ridiculous when at Glass Brasserie, you can get also a very good burger with fries and a drink (beer/wine/soft) for all of $20.

… and thirdly, I just want a simple cheeseburger!

Lastly, as much as I appreciate this burger and all its gourmet deliciousness, all my heart (read: tummy) craves is a simple cheeseburger. Look at this from #MEATEASY, London (now Meat Liquor):

And this from Shake Shack, NYC:

You see what I mean? Simple soft bun, nice patty, oozy cheese. Voilà.

So. The verdict so far:

  1. If you want a great gourmet burger and aren’t concerned about the wallet, head to Rockpool Bar.
  2. If you want a good gourmet burger and a great value meal, head to Glass Brasserie.
  3. If you want a simple cheeseburger, the best I’ve found so far is at Lotus Bistro, followed closely by Jazz City Diner.
The journey continues!
(not that I am complaining :D)

Rockpool Bar and Grill (note that the burger is only available in the bar area)
66 Hunter Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
(02) 8078 1900

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22 Thoughts on “is the Rockpool Bar burger really as good as they say?

  1. Whilst I do love a good burger, I probably wouldn’t pay $24 for one though. Sometimes, simplicity rules.

  2. Whao, there is NO WAY I’d pay that much for a burger with chips – it’s a bit much, I agree. It does look good, but nothing will ever beat Shake Shack I’m sure. Ah, Shake Shack.

  3. I love to try the rockpools version but i agree $24 is a bit steep. Sometimes i don’t need the fancy bits and just want a pattie and cheese!

  4. Phuoc: Simplicity definitely rules! This is great if you’re not concerned about the price tag though. Really tasty!

    Miss Piggy: Ahhh Shake

    Julie: Yes! A good patty and cheese! Well, if you ever feel inclined to spend the money, it IS good 🙂

  5. Lotus has closed!

  6. Wow that really is an expensive burger!!! But I know someone who works there and he’s always telling me that its worth it because hahaha it takes him 5 hours to make the brioche 🙂

    I’ve gotta go check out the Glass Brasserie ~ Mr Bao is going to Sydney next week without me!!!! So annoyed!!!

  7. I can never get enough of burgers! But it’s good to know that there’s one to fit every budget! 🙂

  8. The burger certainly looks tasty, the patty especially. But I really wouldn’t pay that much for a burger! And fries cost $12? Gosh…

  9. Ahhh, yes…a simple cheeseburger is such pleasure! And it has to be a cheeseburger for me, not just a hamburger – amazing how a slice of melted cheese makes all the difference.

  10. unfortunately lotus closed 🙁 i was sad to hear about it but i did manage to eat my last burger there! like you, i am now on the hunt for the best cheese burger. I thought the Rockpool bar was seriously expensive, the glass one was good but my fave is still at Lotus.

    *sigh* – shake shack and in-and-out cheese burgers are still the best i have had. pity they are not in sydney though!

  11. jenny c on February 29, 2012 at 9:14 am said:

    Oh that burger looks good! I have tried Meat Liquor, and it IS awesome.

  12. Daisy: 5 hours for the brioche? That’s not even the star of the show, the meat is good! But yeah, expensive so only for a treat once in a while 🙂

    Lorraine: Definitely! And Maccas for when you’re really broke lol.

    Jenny: YES! The cost of the fries (shoestring fries or hand cut chips) bowled me over. I was like $12?! It’s only $9 for onion rings!

    Rita: Definitely has to have an oozy slice of cheese, agreed!

    gastronomous anonymous: I can’t believe they closed. I wanted to go back for another one… wish I knew they were closing! Sigh!

    jenny: Ahhh yes Meat Liquor burger is yummo.

  13. I have been meaning to try Rockpool for ages after hearing the hype. Looks delish but yeah for a burger, well pricey

  14. I regularly dream about the Shake Stack….

  15. I have a problem with tall burgers that are an issue to eat without a knife and fork.

  16. I agree the Rockpool burger is way exxy, but it is good. Try the double cheeseburger at The Abercrombie, superb.

  17. Pity you can’t mail order a burger from Fergburger in Queenstown, NZ and definitely agree Shake Shack is hard to top worldwide.

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