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I had originally started this post by talking about Roxette and how much I absolutely worship their awesome Swedishness, and I even included a link to their website. And then I realised what a douche I was being.  A link to Roxette? Puh-lease. How dare I insult their total famous-ness, like you guys wouldn’t know who they were. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. knows who Roxette are.

So I’ll talk about the dinner we had before seeing Roxette instead.

I openly admit that I concert-discriminate based on location. Homebush? Never, there’s nothing to eat there. Metro? Sometimes, if I feel like slumming it and I can get good Korean around the corner. Entertainment Centre? Always. Because it’s in Chinatown!

Priorities, right?

So last Thursday saw a bunch of us squeeze in an early dinner at Wagaya, directly across the street from the Entertainment Centre. Wagaya is much bigger inside than it looks outside, with nice secluded booths and traditional Japanese areas where you dine sitting on the floor. I’m sure there is a technical word for that, but I’ve been working 12 hours and my brain is fried, and the reason I’m blogging is solely because I’m trying to stay awake for another meeting in two hours time. Big Fat Yawn.

Anyway. Wagaya. We ate…

tofu seaweed salad

chicken gizzards and yakotori

I fricking LOVE chicken gizzards. My dad used to feed these to us as snacks when we were kids. Well, chicken gizzards and livers. Yes, that was my childhood but hey, I’ve grown up loving them!

beef negi maki

Some sort of greens (no idea) wrapped in thin beef strips. Really tasty, we ordered more.

agadashi tofu

Korean pizza

Don’t be hating ugly food! This was BRILLIANT! Pizza base topped with kimchi, mushrooms, fish and cheese. I know, the fish sounds a bit random but Oh My God, kimchi and cheese! I’ve found my new favourite combo!

sushi platter

So we ate and ate, rushed to the Entertainment centre for 8pm (concert started at 7.30pm, we gave the starting act 30 minutes) but as always, we waited another hour or so before my most favourite retro duo ever took to the stage.

I screamed and sang and swayed and… that’s pretty much all I did, but damn it was good. They were good, playing the classics – Joyride, The Look, It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like A Flower, Sleeping In My Car, Dangerous, Spending My Time, Dressed For Success – you name it they played it!

Except, they never seem to play my favourite song, You Don’t Understand Me… but I don’t think it’s one of the famous ones. Guess I’ll have to go see them again, and make a special request… 🙂

Back to Wagaya, all in all the meal was all right. I loved the Korean pizza but everything else I think was ok. Perfect for a pre-concert quickie.

1/78 Harbour Street
Haymarket, NSW, 2000
(02) 9212 6068

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13 Thoughts on “dinner at Wagaya before… ROXETTE!

  1. Hurrah for Roxette! I had Dressed for Success on 7″ single from before they were famous. Hmmm will have to trot off to iTunes to download it now!

  2. Kimchi and cheese combo is surprisingly good. Have you ever tried kimchi doria? It was huge hit in Japan in the 80s/early 90s. It’s basically cooked Japanese rice on which you layer kimchi, bechamel sauce and cheese and put under a grill. It sounds weird but it’s delicious.

  3. Chardonnay73 on February 24, 2012 at 4:41 am said:

    OMG! I totally LOVE Roxette – It Must Have Been Love is in my top 10 🙂

  4. Hope you enjoyed the Show!!! 😀 I definitely wanna try some KIMCHI PIZZA ~

  5. Sarah: Hehehe! Yeah I have their cassette from when I was little! I also came home and listened to all their songs all over again 🙂

    sakura: oh THAT SOUNDS DELICIOUS. I have to go find some!

    Chardonnay: Aren’t they awesome? So many of their songs are in my top 10!

    Daisy: haha yeah you should go find some in Melb!!

  6. I used to love sleeping in my car – takes me back to being 14 – hilarious

  7. Wow Roxette, now that takes me back to the 80s. Wagaya is the perfect spot for pre entertainment dinner.

  8. Such a shame they didnt play it. They were pretty awesome though!! 🙂

  9. Gourmet Chick: I know, the crowd was all oldies, and I think we were all reminiscing about our childhoods lol!

    Sara: Isn’t it? Great location, not bad food!

    Nic: I know! Yes it was a great show – hope you had a good time too!

  10. The kimchi+cheese combination reminds me of Korean chilli chicken which often comes served with a blanket of molten cheese. Mmmm, molten cheese…

  11. Roxette were excellent! One of their best shows and pretty much encompassed all their major hits. A shame you missed the support act (1927) as they were great as well!

  12. I would try that pizza. Ugly or no.

    And for years (YEARS!) I though the chorus of Dangerous was “You know she’s a little bit dangerous/got what it takes to make ends meet/eyes of a lover with in-line feet.”

    In line feet! Really! And that still makes more sense than “hit like heat.”

    Yes, I’m a little jealous.

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