On Saturday night, I instagrammed and tweeted a photo of a pavlova I had made for a dinner party. As you can tell, it was a rush job because I didn’t even have time to lay a sheet as a backdrop, I used my carpet for gods sake. In any case, the response was phenomenal with lots of people giving me compliments for my little bake-job, and also asking for the recipe. *blush*

Well, it’s not a new recipe. It’s a tried and tested (many times) oldie, so I know it works 🙂

The recipe is on an older blog post here. Enjoy!

13 Thoughts on “here’s the recipe for my pavlova

  1. I just made a pav last week as well but topped it with figs and berries – delicious. It’s hard to go past a pav. PS I had wondered what that backdrop was – I thought it was some weird table cloth!

  2. OOh Catty this looks divine and funnily I made a pavlova this weekend too. Hope to post it later this week. Love the thick passion fruit puree on this! Lovely!

  3. Catty can I have a piece pretty please? 😀 I’m totally mad for pavlova!

  4. I love how you used your carpet Catty 🙂 it looks great and I miss pavlova haven’t had any for a long long time now ~

  5. Looks yummy!…I, too, have used my carpet for backdrop (backsit?). It has monkeys and palm trees and it sufficed quite well. Whatever works, darlin’ !

  6. That is so pretty! What a great way to celebrate season’s delicious fruits!

  7. Gourmet Chick: LOL some new age table cloth haha. Yeah I love pavs too and it’s also too easy to eat like half of it by yourself cos it’s so light!

    Meeta: Everyone seems to be making pavs! Must be the season, regardless of hemispheres!

    Lorraine: SURE!!! 😉

    Daisy: Haha yeah my carpet is now famous haha.

    Linda: Haha nice!

    Maria: Thanks Maria! Yeah I wanted to use the berries before they went out of season!

  8. jenny c on March 21, 2012 at 3:17 pm said:

    WOW this looks so impressive! I’ve tried making pavlova before but it always collapses 🙁

  9. this is a beautiful pav… better enjoy all the lovely summery type fruits before they go away soon

  10. Dear Catty,

    Your pav looks pretty awesome! Passionfruit just gives it so much passion 🙂

  11. jenny: Thanks! Just try and cool it as slowly as you can.. that’s what causes the collapse usually.

    penny: That’s true!

    Chopin: Indeed it does hehehe…

  12. Teehee, my kitchen floor tiles, couch and kitchen bench are the most common backdrops for my photos!

  13. OMG, I just ate it with my eyes. Now I’ll make it and taste for real. Great job!

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