Next hit up on Project Burger: The Burger Joint in Darlinghurst.

Don’t be fooled. This place might look like a shabby little hole in the wall, but what comes out of them is actually pretty awesome. With a menu scrawled on the wall, they offer combos to suit all tastes; burger? cheese burger? cheeseburger with gherkin? salad anyone? They even have an option to customise your own burger, condiments and all. WOAH.

I had me a cheese & gherkin burger with salad, which totalled all of $9, and $3 for chips (which, by the way, came with deriiiiicious aioli). For the price, this is a pretty ideal burger: the patty was a perfect medium, the cheese was oozy with the dreamy mix of ketchup and mustard dripping all over my fingers. Love.

This is the kind of simple cheese burger I crave. In fact, I might even skip the salad next time.

The Burger Joint
393 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
(02) 9380 2575

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18 Thoughts on “bite sized: a pretty darn good burger @ The Burger Joint

  1. Looks pretty good, will need to check this out. I like how they’ve got the option of building your own burger/adding condiments

  2. Skip the salad…trust me, it’s a good burger without all that healthy stuff getting in the way! And I LOVE those fatty little chippies with the garlic mayo…drool.

  3. I love pickles on my burger and a nice melty cheese-like really melty almost falling off the patty! 😀

  4. Wow what a great deal all this for $12!!! Yum 🙂 Love simple burgers ~ Some places try to make burgers wayyyyyy to fancy ~

  5. Meat, onion, pickle, mustard ketchup, bun. That’s all I need. This looks grand.

  6. Yes please! Will be checking out this weekend.

  7. jenny c on March 13, 2012 at 11:18 am said:

    Looks like a good burger to me!

  8. Miss Piggy: I’ll definitely skip the salad next time hehe. The chips I thought were ok… but the aioli YES that was divine!

    Lorraine: Pickles are a definite!

    Daisy: Yeah, I’m not so into gourmet burgers. Just a simple cheesy one 🙂

    Tori: You missed CHEESE!!! Cheeeeeese!!!

    penny: Cool! Lemme know what you think!

    jenny: Sure is 🙂

  9. Ok this one looks pretty awesome

  10. Now that’s a burger. Thick Pattie with all the trimmings

  11. Nice looking burger 🙂

  12. Good to hear you are feeling better and back to eating burgers – cos this looks like a damn good burger.

  13. Nic: It was pretty awesome 🙂

    Adrian: Yup! well the patty wasn’t super thick but it was delish!

    Sara: Thanks (although I can’t take credit for that)

    Gourmet Chick: I am certainly feeling a lot better and eating normally again woot woot!

  14. I don’t mind where the burger is served from as long as it’s good!

  15. Hey Catty!

    Been meaning to plug this for a while – you should add Bar Contessa in Balmain to your burger quest. They do a great cheeseburger there, as well as lots of other yum stuff. Good coffee too! If you get there, lemme know and Rose and I will join you.

  16. Mmmm…burger juices mixed with oozy cheese and sauces ahoy! I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s what makes the ultimate flavour of burger.

  17. joey: I couldn’t agree more!

    Rob: HELLO! Will definitely let you know when we hit up Bar Contessa!

    Rita: I know right? Who cares if it’s disgusting it tastes good!!

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