I have a confession to make. This “searching for Sydney’s best burger” thing? It’s a total sham. I mean, I am looking for Sydney’s most delicious burger but if I find it? Am I going to tell you? Well, NO, because then my search would be over, wouldn’t it? And where is the fun in that? So I’m just going to keep looking for Sydney’s best burger and in the mean time, for the sake of this project, I basically have to go eat burgers. All the time.

I’m taking one for the team.

But I will share with you all the burgers that I really really really like, because far be it for me to withhold awesomeness from all of you.

Last Friday night, Panu and I had the Bedlam burger at Bedlam Bar in Glebe. Totally cute little bar with a great outdoor area which I wish I’d discovered when the weather was actually warm. But nonetheless, inside or out, their burger is just about perfect.

So, the burger. Firstly, it’s a nice size. Not too big and not too small. The bun is soft, the pattie is juicy and it comes with gorgonzola cream and a heap of beetroot relish. Oh, so, if you don’t like beetroot, maybe this burger isn’t for you. But they also have a pulled pork burger with coleslaw! But if you do like beetroot, you’re going to love this burger, I almost guarantee it.

Both their burgers also come with a side of garlic & rosemary chips.

And the best thing? It’s all of $10 with a drink. Yes, the Asian in me is squealing in delight because we do love a bargain 😉

Bedlam Bar
2-12 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe, NSW, 2037
(02) 9660 6999

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15 Thoughts on “the Bedlam Burger: my new favourite!

  1. $10 for a delicious burger and drink??? Score!! Love your search for “Sydney’s most delicious burger” mission!
    You’ve inspired me to do my own searching for the best burger/s too. lol Keep it up!

  2. sounds like a good feed

  3. Hahahaah I like your excuse to have even more burgers hahaha 🙂 but wow I can t believe it for $10 bucks that’s a pretty good deal! Wish I called have one hehe

  4. Beetroot relish! NO! They should pass a law in Australia so that there’s a beetroot logo prominently displayed by burgers on a menu to warn unsuspecting diners of beetroot heaven/hell (delete as appropriate).

  5. Raff: we will have to share notes!! Should we eat burgers together or divide and conquer! lol 🙂

    Vivian: It was!

    Daisy: I know, i love my master plan too!

    Mr Noodles: OMG I was thinking of you when I wrote that! I was going to say “so if you’re Mr Noodles, you won’t like this” lol but i wasn’t sure if you would read it 😀

  6. Looks good – and now I’m craving a burger and it’s 10pm at night. D’oh~!

  7. Now I have another reason to visit Australia! You know what goes great with an amazing burger though, Oreo cream cheese cake with chocolate frosting! It’s not a tough recipe either.

  8. Miss Piggy: Haha, don’t you hate when that happens? Happens to be all the time when I’m checking my instagram feed at night!!

    Paints & Pans: burgers and oreos are the two most perfect things 😉

  9. Hi Catherine
    I wonder why I could never succeed making this Bedlam Burger
    How did you do it? I’ll try again for sure and this time I’ll refer to your recipe as my guide 🙂
    Thanks also for the tempting food photos. Looks like they were made by professional. Have you ever heard about food photography site called http://www.foodporn.net ?
    Your pics should be on the Food Porn home page, that’s for sure!

  10. jenny c on April 26, 2012 at 9:40 pm said:

    oh beetroot relish? I love beetroot!

  11. Omg all for 10?! It looks delicious!

  12. Tina: what? I didn’t make that!!

    jenny: me too!!! you’d love this!

    Sydney: yep, burger and fries = $10 😀

  13. I love beetroot! It’s the gorgonzola which I can only handle in small amounts…

  14. Gorgonzola cream? Ummmm YES!

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