Ok, people. How cold was it in Sydney today? I mean, I get that winter’s on the verge of falling through our doorstep but really? It’s April! I hadn’t planned on unpacking my michelin man coat for another month! Or am I just being a whinger? I suppose I did just spend the weekend in glorious tropical Townsville soaking up the 30+ heat, so anything sub 20 is unacceptable to me right now.

So, wearing my Uniqlo thermals (because a. they’re comfortable and b. I’m so consumed by post-holiday blues that I really don’t care how I look in public right now), I trudged out earlier today in search for something to warm me up. And where better to do that than a fabulous little gem I’ve found, Goen Japanese Restaurant.

Located up the top end of Glebe Point Rd, Goen is a cute little restaurant which looks more like a takeout joint at first glance, but in reality, they have ample space with tables out front, in the back balcony, courtyard and upstairs. They serve a fairly extensive menu but I actually can’t comment on that because I’ve only ever ordered from their lunch menu. Well, at least I can tell you the lunch menu is awesomeness 🙂

The lunch menu offers a fairly decent selection of hot dishes, rice dishes, noodles and sushi – all priced from $7.50 to $12. The portions are not enormous but guys, it’s just lunch. What does impress me though, is the effort placed in the presentation and quality of the food.

For example, a cup of green tea is not just a green tea bag in steaming water. They serve the most aromatic and delicious genmaicha – roasted brown rice green tea, and all with a little napkin twisted around the cup. It’s the little things that count.

I’ve never once been unhappy with what I’ve ordered at Goen, and of course there’s also the charming Japanese service. They’re always so uber sweet!

Anyway, they succeeded in warming me up today and it occurred to me that I should blog about them but omg! I hadn’t ever taken any “real” photos with my camera there. Well, thank god for instagram. I swear my camera will be made redundant soon.

Goen Japanese Restaurant
29 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW, 2037
(02) 8084 8371

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9 Thoughts on “hidden gem: Goen Japanese Restaurant, Glebe

  1. Oooo, that green tea looks sooo good! I could ‘almost’ make it here for lunch if I walked really fast.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know what to do now that I blog AND instagram! Yesterday, I ended up taking photos with my camera and my phone. I think I’m going mad!

    BTW – (before I get this is a food blog) nice bowl of udon!

  3. I was going to say that top pic looks great, so perhaps camera is now redundant!

  4. Miss Piggy: well if it’s really cold you will want to walk really fast! Where do you work again?

    Mr Noodles: Hahahaha you see what I mean? I don’t even bring my camera everywhere any more since my iphone takes such good pics!!

    Lizzie: I know! More handbag space WOOT!!!

  5. Great photos on Instagram – yours are way better quality than mine. And don’t worry it is very chilly in Melbourne right now as well – remind me why we left London as well.

  6. Wow I was going to say the photos are great but in fact they are from your iPhone and instagram! I really need to work on my iPhone skills lol I take my camera everywhere i go yet my photos are still so amateur hehe great find for some yummy Japanese food!

  7. OMG its perfect noodle soup weather. I think everyone is so in shock by how cold it got And how quickly, that they dont care about how they look either lol. I know I dont. If its warm, its goin on!

  8. so surprised to know that it’s all iphone photos! the photos are gorgeous! sounds like a nice place to try out.

  9. jenny c on April 12, 2012 at 12:56 pm said:

    Beautiful photos! The udon reminds me of Koya in London 🙂

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