In case y’all don’t follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram or um, you’ve been under a rock, you would have known that I was in Townsville last weekend helping my baby niece celebrate her very first birthday 🙂

Well today is her actual birthday, Friday the lucky thirteenth! She celebrated in style with a strawberry cupcake for breakfast but all I can do is look back on photos from the weekend and miss her so badly my little heart aches.

But anyway, no time to be sad on this momentous day. Instead, I thought I’d show you what I made for her birthday party above. How CUTE are those Tiny Teddies in their little race cars? I can’t take credit for the idea, I stole it off the wonderful @stephtee on instagram.

They are super easy to make – basically grab a bunch of fun size Milky Ways or Mars Bars, get a pack of Tiny Teddies and make sure you have plenty of Smarties. I used a knife to make a wedge for the teddies and their steering wheels. To get the side wheels on, I dipped the tip of a butter knife in hot water, melted the chocolate bar a little and stuck the wheels on. Once you pop them in the fridge and everything sets, nothing will fall off.

I have to say, the adults loved this just as much as the kids 😉

Anyway, it’s weekend o’clock over here so I hope y’all have something awesome planned! I’ll leave you with some happy snaps of my gorgeous baby niece x

10 Thoughts on “it’s a Tiny Teddy’s car race! (and happy birthday to my baby niece)

  1. The race cars are so adorable! But not as adorable as your niece!

  2. These are so awesome and cute! Happy birthday to your adorable niece

  3. OMG! Helps that Milky Ways are my fave childhood choccie!

  4. Aww look at that face! And I remember seeing these on your instagram and thinking that they were uber cute! 😀

  5. Very cute – both the race cars & your niece.

  6. OMG OMG OMG that’s such a clever idea!!! I am TOTALLY stealing this idea and making them for my nephew when he comes over 🙂 your niece is SO SO SO cute!!! No wonder you miss her ~

  7. Nawww…cute as – both your niece and the Tiny Teddy cars!

  8. I’m not sure which is cuter, the teddy cars or your niece. Only one is edible though…

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