There are a number of misconceptions about me. For example, the misconception that I like to shop. I don’t. Or the misconception that I’m an extrovert (because, you know, I like to talk). I’m not. But the most common misconception of all is the very wrong expectation that I am a food snob.

I am so not a food snob it’s not even funny.

People seem to assume that because I write a food blog, well I must be a food snob right? WRONG. I think there are “foodies” out there who are snobby and who only let the best of the best ingredients pass their gnarly teeth. And then there are “foodies” who well, we just like to eat. If it tastes good, I like it. I mean, I actually like a McDonalds cheeseburger, so sue me.

Anyway, Saturday. Shopping in Sandton City, J’burg. Hectic. Hungry. Want junk food.

We saw a Wimpy (basically a McDonalds with table service and steak on the menu) and I ordered a cheeseburger which came with free toppings (I had onion rings). The pattie was a touch well done but aside from that, I enjoyed by burger thankyouverymuch.

My coke float was not as great, made with soft serve and not real ice cream. But heck, I drank it all anyway.

Don’t judge me for loving all food unconditionally.


9 Thoughts on “yes, I had a Wimpy cheeseburger

  1. I thought Wimpy burgers with the things of cartoons – cute!

  2. Never thought of you as a food snob Catty – I know for a fact you are too much of a burger lover to be snobby about food!

  3. I believe that Wimpy is the king of fast food in SA. I ate many a “National Breakfast” when I was road tripping through South Africa.

  4. Miss Piggy: Haha I know, the name is so cute 🙂 But they are real!

    Gourmet Chick: well you UNDERSTAND me, you see. Others don’t. 😉

    tehbus: Indeed it is! They are everywhere. I love fastfood with table service!

  5. LOL Wimpy Burgers ~ people have that misconception of me too because I love food that I’m a food snob 🙁 i just like food it doesn’t mean I only eat expensive food sighhh cheap food can be good too ~
    Happy Easter Cat!

  6. The main reason I read your blog is because you’re NOT a food snob!! Makes us all want to go out and eat a meal with you! x

  7. Nic: YES!

    Daisy: hahaha exactly 🙂

    celz: awww thanks my lovely. Perhaps we should eat together.. wait are you still in Sydney? Or have you moved back to Bris??

  8. I can be a chocolate snob and the husband admits he is a coffee snob, but neither of us are snobby about our food! It’s a level playing field regardless of setting or price, but it must be done well to be good.

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