Day 3 of my Airtasker burger run! I knew I was going to have a meh burger at some point, I was just quietly hoping it wasn’t going to be for the next say, five years. But alas, it came rather sooner than that. My cheeseburger at Burgerlicious makes this review easy because all I need to say is “meh”. Just look at that unmelty cheese! Epic fail.

Unmelty cheese, dry bun, dry patty. Need I say more?

The only thing this burger had going for it was that it only cost $11.40 in a meal (with chips and a drink), but even then, I think $11.40 is way expensive for meh-ness, don’t you?

Here’s me anyway. I totally wore a purple turtleneck to match my Airtasker t-shirt 😉

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215 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02) 9519 7401

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7 Thoughts on “the Airtasker 10 day Burger Run! Day 3: Burgerlicious

  1. When Burgerlicious first opened they were FANTASTIC! What a shame they now live in the land of Meh.

  2. Such a shame 🙁
    Who even thinks its a good idea to serve an unmelted cheese burger

  3. Diggin these burger runs! Dat a big buger

  4. but melty cheese on a burger is a MUST :O

  5. unmelted cheese would ruin a burger! its a must!

  6. I Googled Airtasker and really like the concept of it hehe wonder if they have it in Melb too 🙂 Oh damn…i was hoping Burgerlicious was going to be better…because when I walked past the one in Kings Crossed it looked quite nice ~ damn a meh burger on your 3rd day hope it gets better!

  7. Have never tried Burgerlicious and am sad to see the unmelted cheese and what looks like an untoasted bun =(

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