First and foremost, sorry for the blurry photo. I was not, as you might think, drunk on burger goodness. It wasn’t even because the lighting in Four In Hand was particularly dark. Well, it was a little dark. I don’t have an excuse at all, except if I was to really dig deep, I’d say I was overly excited because the burger came out looking normal.

What does that mean? In case you missed it, the last time I went to Four In Hand, their beef patties were ridden with capers and parsley and all the most bizarre things that you’d never expect to see in a patty. But this time? It looked normal and boy, was I relieved.

Yesterday was day 7 of my Airtasker burger run and I reluctantly dragged my butt to Four In Hand, expecting the burger to be just as horrible as it was the first time I went. To my huge relief, it wasn’t. It also wasn’t fabulous, mainly because it was too huge (first world problems, I know), with an enormous chunk of iceberg lettuce which I had to evict from the burger in order to eat the thing. I also found the bun too crumbly, despite being soft, and somehow even though the patty was herb free, it still lacked a certain … oomph.

They also served the burger open, on a plate of chips. I didn’t like that, but that’s just me.

For $20 (burger and chips), I’d rather go to Moo. (Note: the damage was a round $20 as they didn’t serve bottled water so I had tap.)

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Four In Hand (Bar)
105 Sutherland Street
Paddington, NSW, 2021
(02) 9326 2254

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One Thought on “the Airtasker 10 day Burger Run! Day 7: Four In Hand

  1. Yeah I dont mind hte open burger as long as when oyu put it together, it is still manageable. Fitting-in-mouth fail!

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