When you’re a kid, people often ask what you want to be when you grow up. It’s a redundant question really, because at age 32, I still don’t know what I want to be (well, not any more than I did at age 6, when I was pretty sure I wanted to grow up to be a rhinoceros). But one wisdom holds true and that is that in the search for the ultimate career, one should look to do something that makes them happy. Easier said than done, I know, but I think the holy grail of all careers would be to get to do something you really love, something you would do for free even, but have someone pay you to do it.

So, at age 32, I’ve finally found my dream job, even if it only lasts all of 10 days.  (Don’t worry, mum, I haven’t quit my day job). Believe it or not, the wonderful people at Airtasker saw it fit to PAY ME $500 (plus expenses!) to eat 10 burgers in 10 days.

Seriously. Fawking awesome or what.

I started this magnanimous task last night and first on my hit list was The Burger Joint in Darlinghurst. Being my first burger run, I guess I should stipulate that I’m looking for a good, simple cheeseburger. Not burgers that are full of salad and certainly none of that “gourmet” stuff. The requirements? A small to medium sized burger, soft fluffy bun, juicy patty, melted cheese and the usual condiments: ketchup, mustard and pickles. Sure it can have some whizbang additions if it likes, but it ain’t gonna win ’em more points. Oh and it has to be good value.

So, The Burger Joint.

The place is a tiny hole in the wall but absolutely buzzing with deliveries and pick up orders. We ate in, and watched the burgers fly out. I’d been to The Burger Joint before and liked the burgers the first time. This time the taste was pretty spot on (I’m not even sure what it is, but that mix of ketchup and mustard is just so damn good) but something was not quite right. It might have been that the double layered cheese wasn’t melted fully in the middle, or the patty wasn’t as juicy as before. All in all a good burger but not great. And we demand greatness.

The damage? Cheese & gherkin burger = $8.50. Small fries with aioli = $3. Bottled still water = $2. A meal for under $15. Don’t worry I’ll do a little round up at the end of the 10 burger run.

So! One down, nine to go. Tonight we hit up Grill’d.

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The Burger Joint
393 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
(02) 9380 2575

The Burger Joint on Urbanspoon

11 Thoughts on “the Airtasker 10 day Burger Run! Day 1: The Burger Joint

  1. omgsss im so excited for your burger intake!

  2. woohoo congrats on getting assigned this task! can’t wait to see the next 9 days of burger eating!

  3. LOL! Best. Job. Ever!

  4. suze: YOU’RE excited? Imagine me! 🙂

    Jacq: I can’t wait for the next 9 days either hehe.

    Nic: Right? if only it was full time all the time 😉

  5. Jealous. So jealous. I’d happily volunteer to do the same. I wonder if anyone wants to pay me to do something similar but with noodles instead…

  6. ohhh paid to eat burgers! sounds like a dream! i would be so happy to do this challenge as well haha
    what are you choosing for the 10th “wildcard” burger? 🙂

  7. let the burger run begin! hehe

  8. WOW 🙂 I thought this was just a project you wanted to do ~ I didn’t know it was suggested by Airtasker and woo hoo you get paid too hehe that’s definitely a dream job! Hope you’re enjoying the burgers!

  9. I’m catching up on blog reading from being away on holidays and can’t wait to see more burgers haha!

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