kaya toast from Lucky Plaza food hall

Kaya toast, oh my darling kaya toast. It seems so simple to make and yet it’s a million times better when someone else makes it for you, right? We had this every single day (mostly from the el cheapo Lucky Plaza, and sometimes from elsewhere) but wherever it was, it was scrumptious.

Here are some of my instagram shots from the weekend in Singapore, starting with the thing that most blew my little mind away: a slab of durian ice cream, served in a slice of (coloured) bread. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS for SGD$1!

my FAVOURITE! a slab of durian ice cream in bread, SGD$1 from street carts along Orchard Rd

tropical fruits from Straits Kitchen, Hyatt

ice dog! Matcha soft serve in a fried hot dog bun from ION Plaza food hall

Singapore chilli crabs and black pepper crabs from Long Beach

durian chendol from Lucky Plaza food hall

mango & white chocolate mousse cake from Canelé, Shaw Centre

good times with friends at Red Dot Brewhouse

coffee break at Papa Palheta

BBQ sting ray at Newton Hawker Food Centre

breakfast: mee rebus, kaya toast and eggs, from Tea Loft, ION Plaza

grape yakult makes me happy 🙂

nasi lemak from Grandma’s Restaurant, Paragon

Gahhhhh I miss Singapore! I want to go back so badly, and you know what? Maybe it’s not to unrealistic! Singapore’s budget airline, Scoot, has just launched and they are selling tickets as cheap as $158 each way! Check it out!

Happy weekend everyone x

9 Thoughts on “cattylicious on instagram: eating in Singapore

  1. That yakult bottle is too cute!

  2. Kaya Toast is one of the best things I’ve tried whilst on an overseas holiday…loved the soft boiled egg/soy/white pepper concoction to dip it in to.

  3. benny lee on June 15, 2012 at 5:28 pm said:

    the sgp ice-cream cart is one of my all times favourites; personally I prefer the wafers + ice cleam.

    no chicken rice/kuay teow??

    • I was tempted to try the wafers but the bread was so pretty! hehehe! YES CKT and chicken rice.. CKT is in the Newton blog post 🙂 Chicken rice I didn’t take a photo.. was too hungry!

  4. grape yakult? thats something different!

  5. Yinnie on June 19, 2012 at 7:04 am said:

    I haven’t had Kaya toast in years. Even when I’m back in Malaysia! I always mean to but once I reach wherever we’re eating for breakfast, there is ALWAYS noodles and i can’t turn down noodles.

  6. tastyfoodsnaps: Yes! They have lots of flavours!

    Yinnie: Hahahaha I know what you mean! The noodles are too hard to turn down!

  7. Photos like these on such a cold day have me yearning for the tropics!

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