Kazbah is one of those places that churn out food so awesome you can’t even begin to imagine what goes into their seemingly simple yet mind-blowingly delicious dishes. They have a breakfast lamb tagine that I first had in December, and have had every single time since (and I still love it), and they do these scrambled eggs that… well, they are just scrambled eggs but HOLY SHIT THEY ARE AWESOME.

Kazbah is brilliant. And I think brilliance is being able to execute in a totally understated way. Like these chackchouka scrambled eggs:

They look so normal right? Some eggs, salmon and toast. Well, normal they are not. I’m not sure what magic dust is sprinkled into these eggs (ok so it’s not magic dust, it’s a combination of tomatoes, peppers, onions spiced with cumin – thanks wiki) but the result is mouth watering to the point where I can barely restrain myself from licking the plate amidst Kazbah’s bustling midday crowd.

In fact the eggs are so good, they may have bumped my usual favourite from top spot, the breakfast lamb tagine with lamb mince, sucuk, spinach, roast capsicum, roast tomato, caramelised onion, feta and eggs:

Maybe. Or maybe not. Or maybe I will just have to order both from now until eternity.


So, every time I go to Kazbah, I always seem to order the savoury breakfasts but that doesn’t mean my eyes don’t wander onto the sweet breakfasts ordered by everyone around me. On Saturday, we decided to share a few dishes which meant that I finally got to try the French toast (with bacon, glazed baby figs, double cream and apple cinnamon syrup) and the strawberry pancake (with double cream and maple syrup). Well, hel-lo.

Firstly, look at the French toast (top). How thick is the bread? Thick and soft and perfect for soaking up the apple cinnamon syrup which actually wasn’t super sweet! Just perfect. And not to mention All. That. Bacon.

The strawberry pancake (cooked with strawberries inside) was also surprisingly light and un-sweet. You can’t really tell from the photo but the pancake is served on a full main-sized plate, so you can see how humongous it is! We didn’t think we could finish it between the four of us but it was actually easy. A little too easy 😉

That was all we had on Saturday but I wanted to share one more thing I’ve had a couple of times, the chocolate & pistachio bisteeya, which is served with salted caramel sauce and pistachio coated halawa ice cream. I’m not going to say much except… WOWZA. Go eat it. Now.

ps. breakfast at Kazbah is available until 3pm, so you can totally have eggs for breakfast and then a chocolate bisteeya for dessert 😉

379 Darling Street
Balmain, NSW, 2041
(02) 9555 7067

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13 Thoughts on “seriously awesome breakfast at Kazbah, Balmain

  1. Wow, that breakfast (all of it) looks amazing. I’ve been to Kazzbah once for dinner a VERY long time ago. I’d been keen to go back from brunch sometime. My husband loves Scrambled Eggs so I’m sure he’d love the version here.

  2. Wowser, that is one mega French toast. Never seen so much bacon on one slice of bread

  3. Miss Piggy: you MUST go for brunch/breakfast. I dont really hear great things about their dinner menu but the brunch is outstanding!

    Adrian: Never seen French toast so thick!!

  4. looooove kazbah! the french toast is bloody incredible!

  5. No. No nononononono no. Stop it. Stop posting pictures and descriptions like that. It’s cruel and unreasonable treatment for those of us not in a position to pop out to Kazzbah because it’s, like, TEN THOUSAND MILES AWAY.

    Sorry, tantrum over. That looks wonderful. I mean, lamb tagine for brekkie is probably unreasonably decadent, but when it’s as good as that, who the hell cares! All the breakfast rules are thrown out of the window. It’s time for a sweet, savoury blowout of a breakfast-brunch-lunch. I’m curious about what else they do to the eggs to make them do crack-a-liciously good, it can’t just be the seasoning? Is there cream involved, cheese, heroin?

    Sigh, along with East Asian food of all kinds, breakfast is something that, I am reluctant to admit, Australia (or at least the main cities and towns) kicks our collective ass at. Sigh. I’ll just have to come on over and get me some.

  6. Christine on June 20, 2012 at 4:33 am said:

    Wow, that french toast looks amazing!
    Will definitely have to go there next time we visit 🙂

  7. Oh I love Kazbah! They have one at Top Ryde too which Im yet to try

  8. chocolatesuze: it sure was. I LOVED the thick spongey bread YUMMO.

    Grubworm: LOL, well COME visit me in Sydney (when I am actually here) and I will take you!!!

    Christine: When are you coming back down under?

    Nic: Yes! And the Darling Harbour one is great when it’s warm.

  9. the the breakfast lamb tagine was my favourite 🙂

  10. OMG! Why can’t we have this place in Melbourne! everything looks so damn good! I want that pistchio thingy sorry can’t spell it and can totally devour a strawberry pancake RIGHT NOW 🙂

  11. @catty – ok ok, you’re on. Next time we’re in Oz we’ll come visit for our very own foodie tour

  12. Kazbah’s food is great… But every time I’ve been, their service has been terrible! Glad to hear you had a good experience, but I wish their wait staff were half as good as the food…

    Btw, we still need to do a lunch at contessa once your aversion to burgers is over!

  13. Their lamb tagine…I seriously have yet to find anything remotely similar to it!

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