What to do with my hair? The age old question, the philosophical conundrum and the ultimate time waster. Women the world over mull over their locks. To grow it long, to cut it short, to colour, to nurture, to perm (which is like, so 80’s), to straighten (the GHD-revolution), to just do something… because I’m sure I speak for our entire species when I say we are just all So Bored Of Our Hair. 99% of the time.

I’ve been lucky that for the past 3 years I’ve been floating amidst the 1% of non-boredom. You see, I used to have long hair…

… which I’d had since I out grew my bowl cut and claimed full control over the mop on my head. It was long and relatively straight, I’d coloured it this way and that but ultimately, I was bored. I was so bored I wanted to cut all my hair off, but lurking beneath the veneer of revolution is cold, ugly fear. Cutting hair is so final. If you hate it, there is not much you can do. In fact, the only certainties in life are death, taxes and the long, lonely road to growing one’s hair.

But eventually, my boredom outweighed the fear and in 2009, I cut my hair into a graduated bob:

I LOVED it. I felt so empowered and liberated and free. It was funky and stylish and just so easy. I kept it short for 3 whole years!

And now I am bored. So I’m on the long, lonely road to grow my hair once again. To distract myself, I coloured my hair last week – I balayaged my hair – which is basically when you pay someone a butt load of money to make it look like you’ve been too poor to maintain a good even colour. But I love it! And hopefully it’ll see me through the next few months til my hair is a decent length again 🙂

PS. I know, there was no food in this post.

PPS. But in case you’re wondering what I’m eating, the long hair photo was taken at Ciutat Comtal in Barcelona, one of the best tapas restaurants I’ve ever been to. The short hair photo was taken at Huckleberry in Santa Monica, LA.

5 Thoughts on “I’ve been balayaged! and it has nothing to do with food.

  1. jenny c on August 1, 2012 at 4:07 pm said:

    Oh that’s pretty! I haven’t dyed my hair for a long time and not sure if I should!

  2. Hehe you are such a hotty! 😉

  3. jenny: I hadn’t dyed my hair n YEARS.. so was a little bored hehe 🙂

    Lorraine: blush blush!

  4. claudia on August 18, 2012 at 12:07 pm said:

    have been thinking about doing this as a more”natural’ alternative to streaks.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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