We have been having the most magnificent weather here in good ol’ Sydney town. Mid-winter and it’s 20 degrees with blue skies; what more can a girl ask for? Oh wait, I can totally ask for more. How about a delicious breakfast by the water, perfect company and all for half price (thank you Entertainment Book)?

On Saturday morning, Panu and I took a stroll down by Pyrmont and popped into Cafe Morso for breakfast. I’d been eyeing them out since the first time we wandered past. The location itself, on Jones Bay Wharf, is amazing – but what caught my eye was all the beautifully plated food, even at breakfast!

And you see what I mean right? Check out Panu’s breakfast above – soft scrambled egg with onion pisaladier, roast red peppers, goats cheese mousse and fine herb salad, and mine below – bacon and egg gnocchi with baby herbs and truffle oil.

Ok fine, mine is not as pretty as his but still. It tasted fawking awesome and just look at that puddle ocean of butter or whatever it is swimming in. Holy crap I’d eat that again right this minute.

Here’s another photo of Cafe Morso. They also have an indoor area but who cares on a glorious day like this?

And here was our view. Sydney, why you so bewdiful? I  you.

Cafe Morso
Lower Deck (West Side), Jones Bay Wharf
Pirrama Road,
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009
(02) 9692 0111

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12 Thoughts on “Breakfast in the sunshine at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf

  1. hehe Panu’s breakfast sure is purdy but ocean of butter? yes please!

  2. LOL usually I love butter but that amount on Panu’s plate does look a little extreme 😛

    but it is a LOVELY day!!!

  3. Ahh the perfect place for sunshine and warmth! those plates do look really good too! :O

  4. jenny c on July 17, 2012 at 9:11 pm said:

    Wow these look so good! And you are having the best weather. London has been cold and raining 🙁

  5. chocolatesuze: everything pales in comparison to the ocean of butter!

    Daisy: the butter is on MY PLATE! *heart attack*

    Lorraine: Isn’t it? It was the best place for brunch on Saturday 🙂

    jenny: I heard! You guys are having a terrible wet summer! Hope it gets better into August.

  6. So envious. Not so much the food, although it looks pretty good, but the weather. I’d kill for 20C and blus skies. We’re having a stinker of a summer in London.

  7. Love! Perfect view, perfect brekkie. Does it get much better?

  8. Noodles: I heard! What’s going on! Come down under!

    Nic: I know right? Could have sat there all day…

  9. Yeah, what Noodles said! We could do with some Sydneyside winter weather right now. I swear, the sky here is all grey and weepy. Just like my state of mind, damn i could do with the heat.

    What’s that you say? You wrote about some food too? Oh yes, sorry, it looks great (although i’m not sure i’d get past Harry’s Cafe de Wheels on the way in…). I do like me a butter pond, makes everything taste better. Not so sure about cheese foam. But then I’m an unreconstructed old-school cheese-eater 😉

  10. what an amazing view on a sunny day! perfect spot for breakfast — i really want to go back to this place after seeing your post now =D

  11. Stunning breakfast food in a great location.

  12. Grubworm: I hear London has finally gotten some sunshine and warmth! HOORAY! Enjoy it while it lasts. and then when it passes come visit me in Sydney and I’ll take you for some Harry’s and then some of this and hold the cheese foam 😉

    tastyfoodsnaps: I want to go back again! So many things on the menu I wanted to try. Truffle scrambled eggs next!

    Sara: Indeed it was 🙂

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