Spring is well and truly in the air! Aside from having to snort Rhinocort every morning like my life depended on it, the weather is also getting warmer, the skies bluer (not necessarily true, but it feels that way) and more importantly, this morning, I packed my winter woollies away. Yes, spring is definitely here.

Panu had to study all day Sunday, so I took the opportunity to hang out with my girlfriends over lunch at The Cottage in Balmain (this is supposedly their website but it doesn’t work right now so… sorry about that). We sat at an outdoor bench and shared a few delicious dishes:

zucchini fries with garlic mayo, Italian meatballs, chorizo sausage with fire roasted peppers

pizza with confit duck leg, poached pears, blue cheese, shaved savoy

baby beet salad with feta, roast tomatoes, walnut, spinach, honey & dijon

We also had some garlic prawns with poached leek but oops, ate it all before taking a photo. All the food was delicious although we were all a little weirded out by a duck pizza that didn’t come smothered in hoisin sauce. But don’t let that put you off, the taste grows on you. I particularly loved the baby beet salad. It was fresh, sweet and refreshing for a nice warm day.

After lunch we bought some Maggie Beer (roast fig and strawberries & cream) and Homer Hudson (chocolate rock) ice cream and some waffle cones and sat in the backyard soaking up the sun, eating ice cream and talking about babies. Well, what did you expect?

We also got to cuddle some babies πŸ™‚

I love that summer is around the corner! Let’s hope we get a decent run this year!

The Cottage Bar & Kitchen
342 Darling Street
Balmain, NSW, 2041
(02) 8084 8185

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4 Thoughts on “Sunday in the sunshine: lunch at The Cottage, Balmain

  1. Here’s to many more spring\summer lunches in the sun πŸ™‚ beautiful afternoon with the gals xox

  2. The weather has definitely picked up lately πŸ˜‰ even in Melbourne hehe but i’m starting to worry hahaha because the warmer it gets it means I can’t hide behind jackets anymore >_< arghhhh

    Looks like a great lunch and that babieeee is so cutie ~

  3. Hehe is that baby waving at the camera? πŸ˜› And actually that’s a really good point about the hayfever, I was wondering why I was sniffling so much!

  4. Mags: Definitely! And swims πŸ˜€

    Daisy: Hahaha why do you have to hide behind jackets? I see the Sydney weather is dropping to 18 again next week but hopefully this will be the end of winter!

    Lorraine: She is!!!! Isn’t she cute hehe. haha yeah spring is great except for the hayfever πŸ™

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