salmon tartare

It is absolutely a sign of old age when you start finding the music at bars a little too loud, when you frown at queues to get into clubs (and even more so at the outfits in the queues) and definitely when you call it a night well before midnight. Gone are the days of heading out at 11pm, of short dresses and sky high heels, of partying until the sun rose.

You know you’re old when a “big night out” is dinner and drinks and back on the couch before the clock strikes twelve. Yep, that’s my kind of night 😉

Last Saturday night we had some friends from Perth in town, and organised to meet up for drinks at Hemmesphere, upstairs from the  very loud and extremely hideous Establishment bar. Case in point: young people go to Establishment. Oldies? We go chill out in the relative quiet of Hemmesphere, recline on their massive leather sofas and we talk. Yes, talk. And we also drink their expensive alcohol but it’s worth it in lieu of my ageing ear drums.

Not only is Hemmesphere a great bar to chill out at, it’s also right next door to Sushi-e, one of my favourite upmarket sushi restaurants in Sydney.

I’m not a sushi snob (my most favourite sushi is still at the Sushi Train on George Street), but I do love a night out once in a while and Sushi-e taps into the perfect balance of swank yet casual. Plus, it’s always fun to perch on the bar and watch the sushi chefs at work.

We shared some of my favourites, like the Balmain bug tails and white miso marinated cod, and tried some new dishes, including the salmon tartare. Everything was divine, and the service is impeccable as always with attentive staff and well timed dishes.

agedashi tofu

tempura Balmain bug tails

white miso marinated cod

dragon ash rolls

matcha parfait

We lingered through dinner and moved onto drinks, enjoyed catching up with friends and jumped in the elevator to head back down before we all turned into pumpkins. As the elevator doors opened, we’re slammed in the face with Establishment’s horrendously loud music, haze of alcohol fumes and worst of all, the on-heat prowling crowd.


Honestly? I’m glad I’m old.

Level 4, Establishment
252 George St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
(02) 9240 3000

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5 Thoughts on “Sushi-e @ The Establishment

  1. mmm i was just thinking about having miso cod for dinner!

  2. LOL you’re not old!!! But I agree with you about the nights in – we’re not old, we’re Mature 😉
    I havent been to sushi-e yet but now I need to. Everything looks amazing!

  3. Haha girl, you’re so not an oldie!! :p

  4. I love black cod miso! One of my favourite dishes 🙂

  5. chocolatesuze: miso cod is the best. one of my friends has a great recipe I gotta try it!

    Nic: Hahah yes, “mature” 😉

    Lorraine: awww fanx!

    jenny: yes mine too! You try the one at Inamo in London if you haven’t already!

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