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Before I rave on about Burger & Lobster, I have to apologise if this post looks weird. I’m blogging on my iPad for the first time and well, as you and I both know, as awesome as tablets are, they are not laptops and the apps are never quite the same… But alas, no laptop on the road.

So. Our three days in London have come and gone wayyyy too quickly. We packed as much as we can into the few hours we had, and caught up with some friends. We ate, oh yes, we ate. Highlight of eating on this trip was B&L, which opened after I’d moved back to Australia.

The menu is basic. They serve three things: burgers, lobster rolls and grilled lobsters. Everything is £20 each. They all come with fries and a salad. Simple.
grilled lobster
So we ordered everything. Multiples of everything. And began to chow into a 3pm late lunch.

The food is AWESOME. I want to bring B&L back to Sydney with me, if nothing else for the fact that really, why make anything else when all we need are burgers and lobster rolls? I’ve always been a big fan of both burger and lobster rolls, and in fact they are pretty much the sole reason why I love NYC. Speaking of which, we’re off to NYC tomorrow!
Again, sorry if the post looks weird, I’m sort of blogging and packing at the same time and haven’t had time to play with the coding. I promise I’ll fix it up later. See y’all stateside!

Burger & Lobster
36 Dean Street
Soho, W1D 4PS
+44 207 432 4800

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10 Thoughts on “Burger & Lobster: that’s all there is on the menu

  1. Richard Madison on December 25, 2012 at 10:11 am said:

    Nice looking lobster roll ,proper roll nice color and the grilled realy cool.The Old eye pad did you right!

  2. I ate here when I was in London a month ago – soooo good!
    That huge lobster brings back good memories…
    Merry Christmas & have fun in NYC!

  3. I’ve never tired a lobster roll…we never got to Luke’s Lobsters in NYC…but we’re in London next year so I’ll keep this delicious place in mind. Enjoy NYC…have a Shake Shack burger for me!

  4. omg this place looks amazing! Hope you’re having a great time on holiday!

  5. I could do this surf & turf thing they have going on! Looks yummy 😉

  6. I can’t wait to go to burger and lobster when I go to London 🙂 But not sure if my sisters are willing to go with me or have the patience to wait hehe ~

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  8. Richard: haha yeah the iPad did ok!

    thesuzchef: It’s gonna always be on my eating list in London from now on!

    Miss Piggy: There are a couple of places in Sydney that does lobster rolls but you want something simple not fancy. Luke’s still does the best I reckon.

  9. Found you via Daisy at Never Too Sweet 🙂 This place looks fabulous! Australia will hopefully catch on soon!

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