tater tot hot dish, with mushroom beef gravy, cheddar, poached eggs and fried onions

It has been 19 days since my last blog post. This is some kind of obscene record. I mean, the last time I stopped blogging for a substantial amount of time was when I had like, 1/3 of my intestines removed. Well, don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m just in the deep throes of utter depression; post holiday blues compounded by the fact that… actually compounded by nothing. Just Big Bad Post Holiday Blues.

I can’t look at my holiday photos, they make me sad. But because I’m sure someone out there has sent out a search party, I thought I’d better share something – evidence that I am indeed still alive, just – so here it is. An amazing new favourite in NYC: brunch at Joseph Leonard.

Nothing much to say except everything here is delicious. Just go. And order the country fried bacon. I pretty much guarantee it is the best bacon you’ll ever eat. EVER.

country fried bacon with honey & tobasco

fried chicken sandwich with mayo, tobasco, honey and pickled cucumber

brussel sprouts with sriracha


garlic sausage

Joseph Leonard
170 Waverly Place
West Village, NY 10014
+ 1 646 429 8383

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7 Thoughts on “Joseph Leonard: a new favourite in New York City

  1. Aw honey, post-holiday blues suck but it’s summer!!! Take short trips every weekend! x

  2. Post-holiday blues are THE WORST. I find the best remedy is to have another holiday in the pipelines…I always have a few on the go! This place looks like greasy heaven. YUM! That bacon looks amazing.

  3. Sasa: I wish I could! Maybe over to NZ! 😉

    Miss Piggy: hahah funny you say that cos we basically ordered all the fried stuff and the restaurant peeps actually said “why don’t I just bring the deep fryer out?” 😀

  4. oh wow that tater tots dish looks amazing! and so does the bacon! actually everything looks great and you might as well go all out and get the deep fried stuff while you’re on holidays 🙂

  5. I can see why you’re back on quinoa salads, Cat! (Anytime I see deep fried chicken on the menu, I have to have it!) x

  6. Jacq: DEFINITELY!

    Celz: not to mention the one or two or ten burgers I had!!

  7. Ugh that hash brown! YES!!

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