I had a free pass last night! This doesn’t happen often. The last time I was out on a weeknight doing something not associated with work was September last year, I shit you not. But if I plan far ahead enough, sure I can take a night off. Last night’s occasion was a show at The State Theatre, Red Bull Flying Bach, where breakdance crew Flying Steps interpret Johann Sebastian Bach’s music in dance. It was pretty awesome, but what was more awesome was the fact that I Got To Eat Out. ON A WEEKNIGHT.

Chosen based on convenience more than anything else, we check out Ippudo Sydney, which opened late last year to much fanfare. Their NYC branch still has queues in the little foyer and out the door any given night (or day) of the week. The Hong Kong branch much the same. So it’s no surprise that three months after opening, Sydney’s Ippudo has also got them queuing (although, mental note that there was a lull in the queue from about 7.15pm-8pm).

We order the standard pork bun and ramen combination – I mean, wait, does anyone order anything but ramen? Because they have a whole a la carte section in their menu which doesn’t even warrant a glance. The pork buns were good, they tasted fantastic but. BUT. Maybe I’m greedy, maybe I’m spoilt by Momofuku, but really, the pieces of braised pork were pretty tiny.

Although, at least they serve you a whole bun as one, unlike Ippudo Hong Kong, which cuts one in half and call it two. That’s ridiculous, right?

But when I look at the scrawny piece of braised pork. All I can think of this is baby, which we had at Momofuku Noodle Bar, NYC:

Want some bun with that pork, honey?

In any case, the ramen was bloody good. This is the Akamaru Shinaji ramen with miso paste, fragrant garlic oil, black mushroom, pork belly and shallots. I ordered extra pork belly, which resulted in me getting thicker portions of pork belly, rather than more slices. I’m down with that.

I don’t have any other ramens to parade for you because we all ordered the Akamaru. It’s the magic garlic oil, I tells ya.

We also shared a dessert, the Kurogoma panna cotta, or black sesame custard with creamy sauce for those playing at home. This was also immensely satisfying, a strong sesame flavour – not too sweet – and denser than it looks.

Dinner done, we headed to the show, which was fantastic. Them B-Boys are something else all together and throw in one female with her graceful contemporary style to mix it up and you’ve got a real show. Not to mention the pianists who played Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier live. Definitely one of a kind.

Ippudo Sydney
Level 5, Westfield Sydney
188 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
(02) 8078 7020

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8 Thoughts on “a night of classical music, break dance and ramen @ Ippudo, Sydney

  1. Ooh good idea ordering extra pork belly! Hehe don’t kill me but I thought that the ratio of pork to bun was pretty good although at first glance I did think it was really thin and not going to cut it 😛

  2. I think I’d come to the realization that ramen wasn’t really for me. I guess I didn’t like the “thickness” of the tonkotsu broth all that much. AND THEN I tied the ramen at Ippudo with garlic oil – giddy up!

  3. I was a bit disappointed when I went to Ippudo Singapore recently. The buns were even more stingily filled than the ones in your photo. And the bowl of noodles failed to change my life. Maybe my expectations were unrealistic.

  4. Lorraine: Yes but now you’ve seen what Momofuku serves up do you still think it’s a lot of pork??? 😀

    Miss Piggy: Oh yeah that garlic oil is pretty magic!

    Mr Noodles: Which one did you have? I’ve tried one of the other normal ones and it’s OK. This Akamaru one with garlic oil is amazing though. If you get the chance try this again. Yeah the pork buns have nothing on Momofuku.

  5. Love the garlic ramen at Ippudo!! But I think I love most ramen hehe. That pannacotta looks worth trying too 😀

  6. haha, well of course you ordered some extra pork belly! LOL. Best.

  7. I really try to like ramen but the more I have it the more I realise I really don’t like it very much 😛 But I do love PORK Belly hehe

  8. Sherrie: Yeah the pannacotta was surprisingly good 🙂

    Adrian: Of course!!!

    Daisy: Awww really? Why?

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