Last week, Panu was struck down by the man-flu. Even more heinous than the dreaded ‘lurgy, man-flu targets the manliest of men, reducing even the strongest of the breed to whimpering, coughing, spluttering messes. At 6am on a Saturday morning.

6am on a Saturday morning indeed. My sleep-in very much disrupted, I wondered what people did at 6am on Saturday mornings. And my unusually alert little mind struck gold: go to The Grounds of Alexandria.

We never go to The Grounds. Not because we don’t like it but if you ever dreamed of getting there after 8am? Forget about it, the queue is eons long and even ordering off the take-away menu doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the garden area. And I just don’t do “waiting” for breakfast, especially now that I am eating for 2. Ok, 1.5. Ok, really, 1 and a bean.

But since my slumber was so rudely interrupted and I didn’t particularly feel like hanging out in an enclosed space with man-cooties, I dragged Panu – all wrapped up and drugged out – down to The Grounds and way-hey! Walked right into a half empty venue at 7.30am, which by the way, was packed by 8.

The food was awesomeness as usual. Loved my smashed avocado with olives, haloumi and roasted tomato on toast. Panu had the Moroccan eggs:

And I finished off with a freshly baked jam donut, chased down with a second chai.

Now, to enjoy my sleep-ins for the next four months…

The Grounds of Alexandria
2 Huntley Street,
Alexandria, NSW, 2015
(02) 9699 2225

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6 Thoughts on “The Grounds: making the best of a man-flu situation

  1. Oh God, the man flu. You poor thing. But I suppose it’s good practice for you to be looking after a demanding, whingy, sooky baby… albeit much bigger than a newborn, but same deal! Hahaha!

    At least you got to go to The Grounds out of it – some benefit. Similar to you, I have never ventured there because I just cannot queue up for food… for BREAKFAST as well. That should just not happen. Who queues for breakfast?!?!

    Your avocado and haloumi looks delicious!

  2. You’re blog site looks wonderful. Hoping you are well and in good spirits.

  3. ah, the dreaded “man flu”! Good planning that Panu woke you up so early and you could eat at The Grounds. I don’t do waiting for breakfast either UNLESS it’s at a handful of my favouirte cafes — then I’ll wait for 20 minutes, MAX!

  4. The food looks fantastic! I hope Panu has recovered from the flu! Donuts + chai = love!

  5. i remember trying to get a table ofr lunchtime on the weekend. 2 hr wait. we ended up having take away in the garden! their chai is still one of my favs in syd!

  6. Ha- we had exactly the same epiphany last weekend- the Stowaway kicks me awake most mornings at 6 am- it’s amazing how much more civilised Three Blue Ducks is at 7.30 am… Hoping you don’t get the manflu. If there’s one thing that’s wretched it’s a pregnancy cold (without the saviour of Codral at your fingertips).

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