I’m not a fan of home delivery. It’s not that I don’t like getting into my pjs mid-afternoon, slapping a mud mask on my face and having someone bring my food to my door. I mean, that would almost be like I had my own minions! Except that this one wouldn’t be mine. And in all likelihood, they wouldn’t be small and yellow.

What drives me nuts about home delivery is the time it takes to get my food. When I’m hungry, I generally want my food like, ten minutes ago. And while it probably takes just as long for me to get off my butt and go get take out, at least I’m doing something and distraction gets me nine tenths of the way there. It’s the waiting. There’s really a limited number of times I can refresh my Instagram feed.

But hey, nature has its ways of coercing us to do all the things we really don’t want to do.

Warning: pregnancy talk ensues. Sorry if you don’t like it, but it’s kind of a big part of my existence right now. Skip the next paragraph.

So. Two weeks ago (a) because I’m carrying a giant baby, (b) because of the damn relaxin, (c) because I don’t know why *cry*, my pelvis decided to go all out of alignment. It’s not a fun thing, this misalignment. It hurts when I walk, it hurts when I sit, it hurts when I sleep. Well, when I roll over in bed anyway. It pretty much puts a damper of every move that I make. I’ve been to the physio who’s prescribed some crazy sexy pelvic support shorts. Which basically look like bike pants except tighter than bike pants, because yes, believe it or not, there exists something that is tighter than bike pants.

In an attempt to not irritate my pelvis the boss of me right now, we haven’t been going out as much and suddenly the idea of ordering in for Sunday night dinner doesn’t seem all that bad.

Enter a watermelon hat wearing, scooter riding octopus.

Speaking of watermelon hat wearing… OMG have you guys seen this? I swear to you, some people have way too much time on their hands.

But I digress. Eat Now Australia is a great online home delivery service. What’s most awesome about them is you don’t even have to know what you want to eat (because I sure as hell didn’t). Simply plug in your suburb and Eat Now magically conjures up a list of all the restaurants in your area which are more than happy to scoot food to your door. So all you do is scroll, check out the reviews, get hungry and order.

Turns out I felt like pizza on Sunday night, so we ordered in from Doughboy in Newtown. As it also turned out, it wasn’t a minion who delivered my food, nor was it a watermelon hat wearing, scooter riding octopus. It was a just a regular joe, but hey, he delivered in 45 minutes (I know, I’m also surprised I’m alive) which was 15 less than what they said I should expect.

Panu and I got two hectic pizzas: Balboa (Italian sausage, smoked ham, salami, pepperoni, chorizo & roast onion with Doughboy’s homemade smokey marinade) and Tutto (pepperoni, smoked ham, mushrooms, Italian sausage, roasted capsicum, olives, Spanish onion, garlic & anchovies) and a side of garlic & cheese bread.

The pizzas were really good on an uber thin crust, but the garlic & cheese bread simply wasn’t garlicky or cheesy enough for me.

But what was nice was for realsies getting into my pjs at what, 6pm? Lazing on the couch and hey presto dinner is delivered. The Eat Now website – which covers over 1,800 restaurants and sends an SMS confirmation – is easy to use, and I didn’t even notice that I killed about 70% of my phone battery playing Words With Friends and refreshing Instagram while I waited for my foodage. I blame boring Sunday evening TV, why no new Modern Family, Ten?

ps. if you want to try Eat Now, check out their Facebook page which gives you $5 off your first order. Also many of the restaurants give a discount for your first order so go forth and eat for cheap and lazy! YEAH!

Doughboy Pizza
30 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02) 9519 3330

Doughboy Pizza on Urbanspoon

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