fried chicken skin

In case you haven’t quite worked it out, what you’re looking at right there is a big plate of fried chicken skin. Fried. Chicken. Skin. I’m pretty sure they serve this in heaven, or if not then well you can find it at PappaRich in Chatswood. In fact, go to PappaRich and get the fried chicken skin because honestly? It was the only thing I really liked there.

PappaRich opened in Sydney probably close to a year ago now but I haven’t dragged my butt there because… pregnant. because… baby. but mainly, because… lazy (I mean, I had to venture outside of the inner west). But a playdate (well, our babies actually slept the whole time, which was a blessing) with Rita meant that I had an excuse to travel north of the river and finally get my Malaysian fix here.

I’d heard some good things about PappaRich. Not surprisingly it comes with comparisons against Mamak, Petaling Street and the newly opened Sedap, and quite a few people actually like it best. Maybe it was the hype, but sadly, I was a little disappointed 🙁

chicken satay

While the chicken satay was juicy and tender, it just didn’t measure up to Mamak’s smoky charcoal satay and gingery, peanuty sauce (seriously, Mamak’s satay sauce should be jarred and sold underground by the ounce). And the assam laksa tasted authentic, but very diluted. Better assam laksa can be found at Petaling Street, and also Malacca Straits at Broadway.

assam laksa

We didn’t try the roti, but Rita had said it wasn’t as fluffy as Mamak’s. Incidentally, I’d normally never pass up a roti bom but the one here looked flat and a little sad, to be honest, so we went for some different desserts.

tau fu fa

The tau fu fa with palm sugar was ok, nothing spectacular. The ice kachang was… well, the ice was pre-shaved and re-frozen in a mould (round takeaway tub, I’m assuming) so it was icy and hard. And they served it with sultanas. What?!


ice kachang

Where PappaRich does come right though is with their extensive drinks menu. I had the milo dinosaur, but I’d go back and have a bunch more stuff like soya milk with black sesame ice cream OMG yum.

milo dinosaur

And of course the fried chicken skin, which I could eat until my arteries collapse. Crackly, crispy, fragrant, delicious, addictive. I’m in no hurry to go back to PappaRich but the fried chicken skin can definitely be sold by the ounce and I’d pay top dollar every time.

Updated 17 February 2014

So, I went to PappaRich again with a bunch of friends and tried a heap more dishes. Quick summary: wat tan hor is great! Char kuay teow is awful. Savoury rotis aren’t bad, the roti bom is pretty good (but when is roti bom not good?). Nasi lemak and chicken rice were ok. Satay is pretty standard.

Here are the piccies!

nasi lemak

char kuay teow

roti with egg and onion

roti canai

hainan chicken rice

chicken and beef satay

roti bom

1/63A Archer Street
Chatswood, NSW 2067
(02) 9411 3207

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8 Thoughts on “PappaRich: fried chicken skin heaven

  1. yeah im gonna have to agree, wasnt too impressed with papparich but the fried chicken skin is pretty awesome!

  2. I use to have a papparich down the road. We probably been there about 20 times. Generally I find the menu either a hit or a miss. Hits – biryani, kaya toast, har mee, ipoh hor fun, Hor fun (egg gravy) & pan mee. The rest= mediocre 🙁

    • Oh yeah the kaya toast did look good! I think a PappaRich is opening near me so I’ll go back and try that, and all the other yummy drinks. And the fried chicken skin 🙂

  3. Here’s to more playdates ahead, possibly involving more fried chicken skin!

  4. Holy moly – a plate of skin! It looks like everything would be a fun, or at least interesting, discovery to eat

  5. I do love Asam Laksa – but I’ve only EVER had it at Petaling Street and it was AMAZING! I’m glad it’s available in a few more places now. That makes me happy.

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