pulled pork salad

You know a restaurant has really hit the jackpot when there’s a dish you always order and it never disappoints. When you recommend it to your friends, they end up always ordering it, and it never disappoints them either. In fact, you order it so much that even though you abso-fricking-lutely LOVE this dish, you haven’t blogged about the restaurant because you’re waiting to try other things so you can talk about more than one dish in your post.

Eventually you kind of give up and just blog the one dish. And here it is, West Juliett’s 12 hour pulled pork salad with fennel, sharp cabbage, apple, kohl rabi and parmesan.

Ok, so I lie, I have a couple of other things to share too, but honestly, I’ve been to West Juliett oh I don’t know – more than dozen times? Because we often get this salad take away too. But in all the times I’ve been, I’ve ordered something else three times. Three whole times, and one time I had a granola I didn’t take a photo.

Here are the other two times, which by the way, were also really good. Especially the French toast.

West Juliett (2)

French toast with grilled peaches, ricotta and salted caramel

West Juliett (3)

bacon & egg roll with aioli and chilli marmalade

West Juliett
30 Llewellyn Street
Marrickville, NSW, 2204

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