noodle soups

Sydney, what the heck? Last week, we were boasting weather in the mid-20’s, kicking off our boots and quickly lashing on some polish on our hibernating toes so we could confidently flop around in our Havaianas. And this week? A measly 14 degrees celcius to call our own. Wet. Cold. Noodle. Soup. Need. Now.

So here are my current favourite go-to noodle soups, to warm my belly, my toes and my soul.

ramen rising sun

ramen from Rising Sun Workshop

har mee sedap

har mee at Sedap

pho great aunty three

pho at Great Aunty Three

assam laksa malacca straits

assam laksa at Malacca Straits

And then of course, there is the mother of all noodle soups, shin ramyun 🙂 here’s hoping the wintry days pass quickly and spring blossoms to warm Sydney up soon.

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