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For the past (almost) ten months, I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been my entire life. Ok, except that one time when I was onsite on a project for two weeks and we literally slept two hours a night, and when we did sleep we slept with a walkie talkie because we were on call, all the time (which, now that I think of it, sounds just like having a baby). But at least while we were on  that project, all our meals were made for us, so I only had to worry about work and when I did eat, I could eat in peace. So really, these past ten months have been the busiest of my entire life.

The amount of stuff I get done before 9am is kind of insane. Somewhere near the start of my day, I have to squeeze in breakfast because me and no breakfast? Hah, you don’t want to go there. And gone are the days where I could leisurely fry up some bacon and eggs, slice an avocado, grill some tomatoes and read the morning news over breakfast. It’s all about fast and friendly these days and since the winter chill kicked in, my weekday morning routine has been made more complete by Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachet Oats.

And this is a product review post yes, but! But, truthfully, I’ve been eating Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachet Oats for years. Because (1) lazy and (2) delicious. The individual packs are easy to transport (bring to work, leave at work, carry one in your handbag for like, just in case) and all you do is add milk or water and zap it for 90 seconds. Voilà! I usually chop some fruit on top and with no artificial colours or flavours, it actually makes a reasonably healthy breakfast.

It’s kind of funny (and maybe I’ll get my butt kicked for saying this and never ever get another review opportunity) but part of the scope of this review was to talk about how these quick sachet oats could add to my dream morning.

My dream morning? Are you kidding me?!

My dream morning involves having slept a good 10 hours, and slowly waking to the sound of crashing waves and the distant squawk of a happy seagull. Oh that’s right, I’m on a secluded beach on a tropical island somewhere close enough to the equator that I’m never cold and sweat? Who cares about sweating when I’m in my bikini all day long. I stir from my sleep some time around 10am, or is it 11am? – who cares – and I’m hungry but hey, laid out across the kitchen bench is a myriad of tropical fruits – mango, rambutan, mangosteen, durian! Yes, durian, because that’s how I want to roll on my dream morning. I take a selection of my favourite fruits and a virgin piña colada (virgin because who needs alcohol when you’re this relaxed?) and stroll down to the beach. I crack open my favourite novel and lay back, ready to spend the rest of my dream morning doing N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

image borrowed from google.com

image borrowed from google.com


Well, that’s my dream morning. But reality bites and really it ain’t so bad when I get to cuddle this face every day, and if I have to sacrifice my tropical beach? So be it. At least I get a quick delicious breakfast every morning and review aside, you’ll see me having Uncle Toby’s quick oat sachets pretty much every weekday morning at least for the rest of winter.

ps. here’s a funny dream morning meme that any parent will have a laugh at 🙂

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