Three Williams, Redfern

Remember back in the day when weekends meant brunches out? Yeah, vaguely. And then suddenly there was The Void. Tiredness and morning feeds and early naps meant that for a while there, weekend brunches traipsed off with the unicorns but alas, we’re back. Life, as it seems, does eventually resemble what it used to be (or at least a distant third cousin of what it used to be). Two days in a row now we’ve had breakfast out, and proper trendy breakfasts, mind you, not just the corner shop B&E. Friday’s Copper Mill wasn’t so awesome but yesterday, Three Williams absolutely nailed it.

Firstly, they took our reservation. Granted, they only take reservations for arrivals between 7-8am when most of the human race is still asleep, but if you’re a parent this timeslot is basically mid-morning. And they let us reserve high chairs. #win

And then the food. Ah, the food. Here’s the menu because they don’t have one on their website. And because Look At All The Yummies (I’m now eyeing off the chicken schnitzel burger). #morewin


Mushrooms covered in crack truffle balsamic. OMG.

sauteed wild mushrooms

sauteed wild mushrooms, marinated ricotta, truffle balsamic & parmesan on toast.
extra poached eggs.

Now this one here doesn’t look like much but it was the star of the day. The pickled slaw is divine.

the Merchant

The Merchant: chilli fried egg, crispy bacon, pickled slaw, ranch dressing
on warm brioche bun

We also had to try their sweet breakfasts which looked so inviting. But to be honest, they were both a little too sweet and heavy for me. I’d go The Merchant any day.

French toast with caramelised banana, hazelnuts, Belgian chocolate

French toast with caramelised banana, hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate

French toast with fresh berries, yoghurt, roasted pecans

French toast with fresh berries, yoghurt, roasted pecans & pure organic maple syrup

And as though they could’t get any better? Play Area. Change Table. Parents UNITE #somuchwin

play area

Oh and this ramp (pram and wheelchair friendly!) which doubled as another awesome play-thing for our little kiddies 🙂


Love it, love it so much. Can’t wait to go back for the chicken schnitzel burger.

Three Williams
613a Elizabeth Street,
Redfern, NSW 2016
(02) 9698 1111

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