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Some days, it’s 8am and you’ve already contemplated going out and buying cake. Some days, it’s a reality. You go out and buy not one, but two portions of cake, with All The Intention In The World of sharing it with a friend. Turns out your friend isn’t having sugar right now – how convenient. So you eat all the cake, all by yourself. And you feel damn good about it.

I had one such day last week when Sam’s first molars decided to push their way through. Could nature not have organised for teeth to be grown in-utero in pain-free bliss? We had a week of short childcare days and cancelled meetings, and don’t-pick-me-up, don’t-put-me-down, don’t-anything and I’ll-only-nap-on-my-mummy-thank-you. It was a week of frustration and exhaustion compounded by working late nights to catch up. Basically, I wanted to die.

So I needed the cake. Thank goodness West Juliett makes the best banana cake with salted caramel frosting and mini carrot cake. I ate them both in one sitting and there’s not one ounce of guilt – or crumb – to be found.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – how you are not some kind of metaphorical giant beachball with a couple of gloves and boots stuck on is an eternal confounding mystery to me .. Wotcha Cat BTW 🙂

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