coconut pancakes with passionfruit and poached pear

I usually default to Urbanspoon to find good eats when we travel. It’s quick, it’s easy, it gives you ratings and opening hours. It’s honest feedback from patrons and bloggers and there’s loads of photos. But we didn’t go to Cafe Le Monde based on their Urbanspoon page. We wouldn’t have gone there, given the appalling feedback, but I’m glad I didn’t check because you know what? We loved it. Not sure what went wrong for everyone else (or maybe it’s what went right for us?) but it became our local for three days of breakfasts, some lunches and even a couple of early dinners. And every single meal, including the service, was impeccable.

We first ate at Cafe Le Monde on our first evening in Noosa because it was spacious, the menu was large and we spied two huge columns of high chairs from the street. Total win already. Sam and I shared the fish and chips (two enormous slices with artichoke tartare, fantastic) and Panu had their famous nachos which holy heck, I’m actually salivating just thinking about it right now. I didn’t take photos because I didn’t know how much I’d grow to love this place.

The next morning, by virtue of a hungry baby and rain and Cafe Le Monde being two minutes from our hotel, we dashed over there for breakfast. Bacon and egg burger. So good.

bacon & egg burger

We ate at Cafe Le Monde every morning, our spread of breakfasts (including the coconut pancakes up top) looked like:

bacon & fried eggs with hashbrowns

wheat free granola with yoghurt and seasonal fresh fruits

bacon and scrambled eggs

Sam had a couple of dinners from the children’s menu, including the cheeseburger and chips. What is with kids and chips? They love that sh*T!

Sam and his cheeseburger and chips

He also had their grilled fish (salmon) with steamed vegetables which, given someone was screaming from hunger, meant I didn’t get to snap a photo.

SO. We liked Cafe Le Monde. We loved it, in fact. I honestly didn’t experience any of the grievances of other Urbanspooners, and Panu even liked their coffee. Maybe it’s because Sam’s cuteness charmed them senseless. Who knows, but I’d definitely go back.

ps. Happy new year!

Cafe Le Monde
52 Hastings Street,
Noosa Heads, QLD, 4567
(07) 5449 2366

Cafe Le Monde on Urbanspoon

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