A couple of weeks ago, this critter turned 2.5. What a ride it’s been – highs, lows, low lows, medium highs, super lows. I’ve had enough experience now to confidently say that every low does pass, and what comes after is usually a spectacularly bright silver lining.

Like my last post for instance. Five torturous weeks. Five God-awful, claw-at-my-eyeballs weeks of non-existent sleep. And then suddenly, out of the blue, it stopped. Not saying that I slept any better. I was tuned into every noise in the night and woke to every tiny creak in the house. But he slept. And this side of the 2 year sleep regression has seen our boy turn into a little man of many many many words.

Even his tantrums seem to have mellowed <TOUCH THE BIGGEST PIECE OF WOOD I CAN FIND> and actually, dare I say, he’s been rather pleasant lately. Is this the calm before the threenager storm? Whatever it might be, I’m going to try and enjoy my little guy for now, and have lots and lots of interesting conversations.

We talk about everything. It’s hilarious most of the time. His grasp of language has exploded astronomically and he even understands humour. The other day, he totally made a joke! I was like, what? Granted it was pretty basic…

Sam: mummy, it’s broken!
Me: what’s broken?
Sam: my finger!  [holds up his finger]
Me: no it’s not, Sam.
Sam: [giggles because, clearly, he made a funny]

… but still, he has a sense of humour! I was so proud. I laughed louder than I probably should have, but isn’t that the job of the mother? To laugh louder and cheer harder than anyone else?

We talk about construction vehicles and flowers and books and clouds and random characters from the cartoons he watches. We talk about the future, like how he’s going to teach Sofi to run so that Sofi can chase him. I’m all for that idea because I, for one, am too tired to chase him. He comes home from daycare and can actually tell me about his day. Who he played with, what he ate (because: Asian. What we eat is utmost important), who he napped next to and even the lucky person who cleaned his poo.

I absolutely love talking to him. I know this will only get better and better and it’s awesomeness like this that makes all the hard times (regressions, leaps, ABSOLUTE SHIT – whatever you want to call it) worth while.

ps. His sense of humour includes putting all sorts of things on Sofi’s head. She loves it ☺️

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