After slogging away in the corporate world for over 15 years (yes, I’m that old), life handed me an opportunity recently and without so much of a glance backwards (because bye late night conference calls!) I’m heading for a change of pace, a slower gear, more time to eat and stuff be a mum.

I didn’t realise how lucky we were to be employed in Australia. Living in Australia in general is pretty sweet (except recently, my US friends keep sending me photos of monster huntsman spiders dragging rats up walls and are like who the f*** chooses to live in Australia?!) and I’ve recently learned that our redundancy deals are pretty much hands down the best in the world.

After spending the better part of my adult life working at Dimension Data, I’m now left with the best opportunity of all – time. Paid time. Time to slow down. Time to enjoy my kids while they’re still little. Time to explore what else I want to do. Time to give back to myself after three years of what seems like constant giving to other (tiny) people.

So what next for me? I’m not really sure. The kids are in daycare two days a week, so I’ve set up my own company and will pick up contract work here and there (so, you know, if you need any editorial work done, you know where to find me!) and I’m loving having business meetings in completely non-business environments. But other than that, I feel like I deserve to live a life of luxury for a while and do things like paint my nails. And eat lunch in 30 minutes, not 30 seconds.

I’m also hoping to be able to blog a little more again. This baby used to be my channel to sanity. My virtual happy place. So let’s see. Maybe having fresh life in me will allow me to breathe fresh life back here as well.

Stay tuned!

3 Thoughts on “lifestyle | a change of pace

  1. Yay! Good for you pl:) with the two kids you really do need all the time you can get.

  2. A wonderful opportunity to reflect, enjoy and we will keep in touch!

  3. You’ll kick ass in what ever you do next =)

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