watermelon spread

Every FriYAY, my friends and I (and our six little munchkins) get together and because we so desperately needed a mix up of our groundhog FriYAY routine, we threw a watermelon themed birthday party. Watermelon is super sweet right now and shops are going gaga for watermelon paraphernalia (guilty as charged: SeedKmart and Cotton On) because you guys, it’s summer tomorrow!

And you know you’re onto a winner when the prep is easy, the food is healthy, the kids love it, and who am I kidding, the most important thing of all, it all looks bloody awesome in photos 😀

Here are some of what I would veeeery loosely call recipes. I mean, if cutting up a couple of things can be called a recipe?

watermelon pizza

Watermelon pizza: prepare thin, triangular slices of watermelon and top with whatever you like. I chose strawberries, cucumber and feta. And um, would’ve added mint if I’d remembered 🙂 Serve on a pizza board if you have one!

watermelon on sticks

Watermelon on sticks: cut triangular or rectangular wedges of watermelon, about an inch thick. With a thin, sharp knife, make an incision in the rind (only through the rind, not into the flesh) and insert a paddle pop stick through to the flesh. Easy!

watermelon icy poles

Watermelon icy poles: my favourite! I used blended fresh watermelon, coconut milk, and blended kiwi fruit, freezing in between to obtain the layered effect. Super healthy and delicious. Although the kiwi didn’t stay as green as I’d hoped, I still prefer this healthy option to green cordial, for example.

watermelon cubes

Watermelon cubes: Cubed watermelon, layered with feta and cucumber, toothpicked.

My friend Ange also made red velvet cupcakes. Here’s the Hummingbird Bakery recipe for those.


The kids, all dressed in theme, had a great time Well, all in theme except Sam who still had to wear his superhero t-shirt, which by the way, when he’s wearing it every second day, is the best value t-shirt I’ve ever bought!

ps. how cute is the ‘Ur one in a melon’ signage?!!

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