Australia Day was a week ago now but I’m still in awe of the fruit platter that my friend Angela put together. The descriptions ‘succulent’, ‘colourful’, and ‘delicious’ come to mind, but in this age of digital-everything, the main words that pop into my head are ‘Pinterest worthy’.

We threw a small Australia Day party last week, mainly to gather everyone in one place before heading up to the park for the kids to enjoy the fireworks display. The usual Aussie BBQ was had, albeit Korean themed with marinated kalbi, jap chae and an Asian slaw. I also did my usual thing, stuck to what I’m good at, and made a pavlova (recipe here).

Taking full advantage of the amazing array of summer fruits we have available at the moment, the fruit platter was the star of the day though, outshining even the most delicious lamingtons from Flour Drum and completely blitzing my pavlova and the quirky watermelon stars I made because I’ve recently fallen down the cookie cutter hole and invested in some star and heart-shaped cutters.

Angela also recently threw an Australian themed 1st birthday party for her nephew, so if you need some really awesome inspiration for Oz Day next year, check out her blog post.

Of course, a good Oz Day party wouldn’t be complete without some $2-shop accessories…

… and because I’m having fun matching with Sofi these days….

Hope you all had a good Australia Day!

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