Everyone who knows me knows that I have a “mum uniform”. I wear my uniform so frequently I even have the tan lines to prove it. My staple is: denim shorts (or jeans in cooler weather) and a singlet or t-shirt, in varying shades of grey. On my feet I wear either a pair of Converse kicks or Ipanema flip-flops. And hair up.

And that my friends, is the mundanity that is my wardrobe.

Look, don’t get me wrong – it works, which is why I’ve been wearing the same thing for over three years. It’s comfortable, it’s practical, it’s versatile, and I try and tell myself it’s reasonably stylish (read: it could be worse). But guys, I’m so bored. So so so bored of my uniform and I need to switch it up.

But I don’t know how. Because with two tiny humans to look after, my number one priority is still comfort and practicality. For starters, I don’t do skirts and dresses because I spend most of the time sitting on the floor. I need pockets because I randomly provide carriage for tissues and keys and The Joker’s tiny Duplo gun. I need comfortable shoes because we walk everywhere. And I don’t do anything that needs hand washing or ironing because who has the time.

So what am I left with? Shorts and t-shirts.

BUT. One of my resolutions for 2017, along with trying to enjoy the now, is to make an effort to look a little more decent, a little trendier. I’ve scoured shops, online and in person, to find what I think is perfect: a hybrid of the good ol’ t-shirt and something a little fancier. Maybe a slightly funkier cut, maybe a nicer fabric.

Here are some of my new outfits so far in 2017. What do you think?

Denim on denim, which I used to be terrified of, but now I feel like it’s the easiest way to style denim because basically everything automatically matches. Here’s a basic denim t-shirt from Jeanswest, paired with one of my trusty shorts, new handbag from Status Anxiety (LOVE!) and old Dune sandals from London.

I got this top from Bronze Snake Shop towards the end of last year to start pushing myself away from the boring t-shirt. Note that I opted for cotton jersey and grey so I didn’t completely freak out. But how cute is the design? Paired here with Walnut sandals.

Another good one from Bronze Snake Shop! Looks like a basic black t-shirt from the front, but the back! The high-cut back gives it that little bit of edge, not to mention it keeps me much cooler on the hot days. Shoes are Melissa Barroca Campana sandals, and the shorts are Soft Gallery kids shorts haha 🙂

Denim on denim ON DENIM! What is the world coming to? This was a practical errands-day – Forever New button up sleeveless top, Wittner white sneakers and a very cool Kawaiian Lion denim pouch to throw my stuff (phone, wallet, lip balm, keys) in, because no kids meant I didn’t have to carry a bag the size of a truck!

And lastly, this off-the-shoulder beauty! I last wore an off-the-shoulder top how long ago? Um, NEVER. For real, strapless I’ve done and would do again if not for the fact that my boobs have deflated post-breastfeeding two kids, but off-the-shoulder? Never. Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone. But I picked up this top from Seed during the sales and guess what, I actually love it. I wore it on a night out with the girls though and probably wouldn’t wear this while on mummy duty. But I’m proud of myself for wearing something I would never have worn before!

So I think I’m making a decent start to this resolution. I actually feel a bit silly posting some of these outfit shots on Instagram because guys I’m not stupid, I know I’m not a fashion-grammer, but I often feel like when I post stuff online, I’m more committed to it because it’s out there, people know I’m doing this, and I can’t just stop and pretend like it never happened.

I have a few more tops I need to debut, so stay tuned for round two 🙂

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