Thursday is my favourite day of the week. Every day has its own merits – Mondays to Wednesdays I have no kids, sometimes I’m working, often I catch up with friends and eat ice cream. So by all means, they’re good days. Fridays I have both kids (read: hectic) but we also have our regular FriYAY playdate so that’s fun. Saturdays and Sundays need no explanation. But Thursdays are my favourite, and they’re the ones I spend with Sofi.

When I have both kids, their constant fighting over Every Single Thing drives me insane, but on Thursdays there’s no Sam to compete with, so Sofi’s just pleasant, funny, happy and absolutely fricking adorable the whole day.

Sam was such a difficult baby and toddler, so I’ve never known how awesome it is to have a “fun” kid until now. Sofi easily goes a whole day with no tears, no tantrums, no whinging – nothing unpleasant at all. As long as I feed her, of course, otherwise I’ll be hearing about it.

We usually spend Thursday mornings at a local playgroup, or we get some mummy-daughter shopping done. Then we share a little snack before heading home for lunch and a nap (for her). When she gets up, we head out for a walk before picking Sam up from daycare again.

I never understood when people said they liked hanging out with their toddlers. I basically assumed they were lying (or kidding themselves) because what I thought was a normal day with a toddler would be filled with constant tears, tantrums and complaints. Turns out that was just Sam! Haha! Joke’s on me!

Anyway, Thursday is rolling around again real soon. I know I say it all the time and I can see her grow up before my eyes (moving onto a toddler bed, getting her own scooter etc)… but I just want Sofi to stay little forever.

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