ham & cheese pizza puff

I’m stuck at home today because we have tradies over, and my lunch options were looking pretty dismal. I had some sliced ham, some cheese… sadly, no left overs of last night’s delicious beef rending. It looked like I was heading down the glum road towards a ham and cheese sandwich when I was bitten by that little bug, inspiration.

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casual outfits

Don’t adjust your screens, this post is preeeeeetty much all grey and white.

So. My last outfit post was all about being bored of my basics and wanting to up the ante on my daily outfits. I’ve been doing pretty well I think, but suddenly all my outfits are grey, white and denim again. WTF? But wait! It’s not all bad. It didn’t seem economical to ignore all my basics (which let’s be honest, is 98% of my wardrobe), so I thought I’d work on styling them up instead.

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Simply Cushions Quorra range

So Panu has been bugging me forever to get a new couch. Mainly because the one we have is a cheap one we bought from Fantastic Furniture when we first moved back from London six years ago. It’s getting old and ratty, but we can’t get a new couch. Why? Because toddlers.

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